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Shenzhen Shuibei village demolition " " 200 million; feast finish hurt? Sohu finance [] according to Knight island around the house of the topic, the public opinion has never stopped. Recently, suddenly inexplicably bombed out Shenzhen water Pui Village demolition, each compensation 200 million demolition of the big news". Today, in a meal of envy envy hate, this rumor was brutally poked – rumors! However, if it is false news, rumor is past, but don’t you think that reflects the mentality of more interesting? All people regardless of motivation, I believe this rumor, some media have believed. Of course, this is a trace. Don’t say it, let’s talk about this year. Or in Guangzhou, Yang Kei village, after the demolition of household overnight with tens of millions of assets, can be described as "demolition riches". These news or rumors whether true or false, already got. In envy at the same time, also can only lament in not to place, if born in the village or town side of the village this is good…… It is not difficult to understand why a lot of people will believe that the relocation of 200 million households have been relocated, the news. These years, malignant events around repeated blasting demolitions, but in the exposure of these things at the same time, because of the demolition of those rich people are very low-key. If it is not the last few thousand tables banquet news, public opinion is also very little concern for them. Land acquisition and removal of a reasonable compensation is the legitimate rights and interests of the demolition, but how to define compensation is reasonable? Demolition riches of our values impact? The huge demolition, how can we better into reproduction, rather than causing a break the pale of the rentier class?…… Today, we recommend the Ministry of Commerce International Trade and Economic Cooperation Research Institute researcher Mei Xinyu teacher’s article, for some local land acquisition compensation problem is too high expressed concern. Mei teacher on this topic for many years, I believe his thinking will inspire us. Guangzhou Yang Kei village put 1500 banquet tables, Wanming form of the villagers land requisition compensation have become too high China can not be ignored in the economic and social problems meixinyu in any country and region, land, real estate prices are inevitable because of cost and raise hinder the development of the real sector, for urgent economic take-off but by the constraints of capital scarcity in developing countries in terms of monetary compensation is too high due to increased costs and damages of non-agricultural projects earnings prospects of the more prominent issues, to break the bottleneck constraints and thus become the key to achieve economic take-off. Therefore, in order to achieve sustainable development, we can only give appropriate level of monetary compensation, or provide appropriate non monetary compensation. Some local China the contradiction between land acquisition and relocation are becoming more and more towards the back, some of the landless peasants and evicted from the unearned social wealth has made large share, that created a new social injustice and corruption, the resulting social conflicts and contradictions are also significantly increased risk. In many places, the main contradiction has become part of the land acquisition and demolition compensation for high requirements, such as some households own dozens of lattice相关的主题文章: