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Shawn Yue Ma Rui competed two days before the God big show of talent, Shawn Yue attended Sanya Huarui Karen awards site, and artist Ma Rui close interaction between the double male god with a big show of talent, has caused the fans chanted, screaming. Shawn Yue and Ma Rui interact constantly, play a variety of interactive games, climax, talk, scene attracted fans screaming again and again, the scene is quite good. When Ma Rui birthday month with a birthday song, Shawn Yue shouted moved, laughing. As actor Shawn Yue debut for many years, possession of Hong Kong Style orthodox handsome, handsome face, handsome and confident. In his new film "Chi Chun Jiao" series third movie "spring Jiao Ming" is currently being shot to save. Miriam Yeung and Shawn Yue played the role of the classic screen, Yu Chunjiao, CP, the younger sister love story, will give the audience a different surprise. Actor filming, how to protect their skin is most concerned about the audience. Shawn Yue in an interview with a smile to the host to disclose their skin care tips: pay attention to the skin clean, often go to fitness, maintain a good mood." He said himself when filming, often exposure, great damage to the skin, so usually pay great attention to moisturizing and sunscreen. It is reported that the awards ceremony hosted by Shenzhen city Yu Qing cosmetics Limited company, Huarui Karen as the company’s flagship brand in the industry, but there is a "fairy ointment". As a high-end skin care brand, Huarui Karen always adhere to the "literacy" care concept, make your skin return to the original real and natural, this is Karen Huarui over the years accumulated precipitation results in the skin care industry. The future, Karen Huarui will always adhere to this philosophy is, in the fierce market competition more and more away!相关的主题文章: