SHARP invested 3 billion 800 million yuan production OLED panel stripping logistics department set

SHARP invested 3 billion 800 million yuan OLED panel production stripping logistics department set up the new company Sina Francisco September 30th afternoon message, according to Japanese media reports, SHARP announced the production of a new generation of "organic EL panel (OLED panel) to invest 57 billion 400 million yen (about 3 billion 800 million yuan), and decided to divest its logistics department, set up a new company. Two factories located in Mie, SHARP plans to Taki and Osaka Sakai, the introduction of OLED production equipment, and started operation in the period from April 2018 to June. Earlier, SHARP did not force the OLED panel, some analysts say is mainly because of the lack of capital and production, and in August of this year into the Foxconn, money is no longer a problem. SHARP said it would invest 200 billion yen for the development of OLED panels. However, due to Samsung, LG Display, JDI and other aspects of the positive investment in the OLED panel, the difficulty of obtaining relevant manufacturing equipment. OLED panel instead of LCD panel is generally considered to be an inevitable trend. It is said that Apple will be in the next part of the new iPhone models using OLED panel, which will greatly promote the development of OLED panel industry. In addition, SHARP also announced the divestiture of the company’s logistics sector, the establishment of a new company decision. According to the Japanese economic news news, the move is a new president Dai Zhengwu branch of the operation of a ring. Prior to the delivery of goods such as SHARP logistics management business undertaken by the head office, the future will be undertaken by the new company, in order to strengthen the cost control. (Li Nan)相关的主题文章: