Shanghai Michelin restaurant was rated 1 days of business has been 9 months of

Shanghai Michelin restaurant was rated 1 days of business have been complaints 9 months original title: "Tai’an" undocumented was ordered to Changning District Market Supervision Bureau relevant responsible person said that the Tai’an gate location is not consistent with the conditions of the restaurant, did not get food business license. Zhang Yue morning news reporter Li Xiaoming intern Zhang Yue yesterday morning, just as the exposure Michelin Star Restaurant "Tai’an restaurant" suspected unlicensed incident, triggered public outcry. In the morning after exposure, the relevant departments sent a note to the morning news, confirmed that the restaurant really belongs to undocumented, has been closed, the parties pledged another move elsewhere. The "Tai’an" opened in April this year, just a few months of operation time has repeatedly been complaints from residents, not only undocumented, but also the existence of illegal structures, smoke, air conditioning noise disturbing phenomenon, the relevant law enforcement departments have issued a rectification of the book. Such a restaurant, still can through the Michelin star review, it is really a miracle. Morning visit the night that was closed yesterday morning, reporters once again arrived at No. 113 Tai’an Road, the "Tai’an" interview, found the shop has closed the door, put up a notice, said that because of internal reorganization, the suspension of foreign activities. Living is reflected in the "Tai’an" residents upstairs, in more than 6 points last night, is the Morning Post reporter visits, the relevant departments of Changning District, law enforcement officers came to the "Tai’an" check. Law enforcement officers in the outside called to open the door, but the inside has not opened, deadlocked for more than half an hour, then the police came to open the door." The residents said that the restaurant was also a customer, the law enforcement officers to see all the checks are gone. Yesterday afternoon, in addition to the door posted a notice, the waiter did not trace. Press the doorbell, heard inside the mobile plate and people walking around the voice, but no one opened the door. Have been ordered not to foreign business for the "Tai’an" suspected unlicensed incident, Changning District Market Supervision Bureau yesterday to the morning news reporter sent a note, that "Tai’an" is indeed undocumented. Changning District Market Supervision Bureau said, in June this year, they began to receive calls to residents of Tai’an Road 109 lane, No. 113 Tai’an Road, 1 floor of food service establishments suspected unlicensed; residents have here related to the environmental noise and illegal and urban management departments to reflect, territorial street has held a special study. The requirements of the various departments for disposal in accordance with law. Law enforcement officers through on-site inspection found that the operating side did not obtain food business license and business license, my bureau is issued to the parties ordered to stop operating notice. The operator promises to be used only for the purposes of internal entertainment, and does not operate abroad." After that, the residents reflect Tai’an road 113, 1 floor even in the reception inside, there will be related to air conditioning noise and smoke nuisance problems. After receiving reports from residents, the Xinhua Road market supervision and carried out several raids, and at the end of July to the dining place, clean kitchen refrigerator and other facilities were seized, and again clearly requires the parties shall be foreign business activities. By September of this year.相关的主题文章: