Shandong sent a brother to burn the boy medical treatment along with a red light (Figure)-sayu-02

Shandong sent a brother to burn the boy medical treatment along with a red light (Figure) loving brother Liu Xichen. For respondents figure original title: good brother to send the boy burns and even a red light has got the hospital certificate, can apply for to eliminate illegal records the October 20th news (reporter correspondent Liu Hui Chen Tingxin) recently, Jiyang county taxi driver Liu Xichen to send a child to a hospital in Ji’nan burns road and even a red light, for patients win valuable the treatment time, the child injury has stabilized, and that Liu Shifu had issued by the hospital, go to the traffic police brigade to eliminate the red light and other illegal records. 17 at 7:20 in the evening, a middle-aged woman went to the entrance of the hospital in Jiyang stopped a taxi, the child was burned, had to go to the Ji’nan hospital." Taxi driver Liu Xichen master saw two children delicate hands burned swelling significantly, has become red and purple skin slightly the size of the bubble, while they told their families to appease the child, fasten the safety belt. "Began along the 220 National Road southbound, and then through the zero crossing high-speed, and finally along the viaduct along the road to the children’s Hospital of ten." The driver Liu Xichen said, on the way to the fastest speed to one hundred forty three to ten road, even through several red lights, also left the bus lane, around eight, the child was admitted to the hospital emergency room." After more than half an hour of treatment, the child wound treatment, in order to avoid infection need to be admitted to hospital. According to the child’s grandfather introduced, he is Miaoren Tang duo Shi Zhen Jiyang County, the child was accidentally knocked over by burns, thermos bottle filled with hot water after the incident, went to Jiyang hospital, but the doctor said the child injury was more heavy, rushed to the Ji’nan treatment recommendations. At present, the child after the injury is stable, Liu master in the hospital issued a relevant certificate, after taking the traffic police brigade to eliminate red lights and other illegal records. That night, Master Liu is also the child’s grandfather back to Tang Temple, the whole trip fare Master Liu penny confiscated.相关的主题文章: