Seo .pany Strategies Could Shift As Bing Gains Ground On Google-baxia

SEO SEO .pany strategies could be about to undergo a seismic shift as .petition in the search engine market heats up. According to new reports, Microsoft’s Bing is gaining ground on the market leader Google. What’s more the new search engine on the block is teaming up with Yahoo to boost its market penetration; presumably with the hope that any SEO services provider .pany with their finger on the proverbial search engine marketing pulse will begin optimising their clients’ web content for Yahoo and Bing, as well as Google. So where is all the positivity about Bing’s market share performance .ing from? Well, new figures from .Score have shown that while Google still remains the overwhelming market leader when it .es to search engine use – accounting for 63.7 per cent of US searchers – it is losing ground to its rivals. Yahoo and Bing are currently on 18.3 and 12.1 per cent respectively. But, there is another reason that search engine optimisation experts are starting to talk about a possible challenge to Google’s supremacy. Microsoft’s senior vice-president claims that the .pany will have integrated its Bing search technology and AdCentre search engine marketing suite into Yahoo’s online offering by the end of the year. The partnership seems pretty open at the moment with Medhi telling an audience at the Search Marketing Expo in Seattle: "Right now, Yahoo engineers are joining Microsoft and they’re sharing ideas. "We will power the algorithm results and the paid search results "" Yahoo has flexibility to add things on top." But the relationship could get a lot more formal if their partnership performs well. It might be a little premature for an SEO .pany to drop its existing Google-centric search engine marketing strategies and focus on Yahoo or Bing optimisation alone; but it is clear that ensuring website optimisation efforts take into account users on alternative search engines is vital. Any SEO .pany worth its salt is aware that search engine marketing – and seo services in general – is constantly evolving. What’s more, they are aware that some changes to the search marketing sector are much more important than others. So when Microsoft announces that it will be sharing its services with Yahoo by the end of the year, major changes are obviously afoot. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: