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Pets If you are thinking about getting a new puppy, or you happen to be the proud new owner of a puppy, then you will want to know how you go about potty training a puppy. It is a process that all dog owners must go through, and sometimes it is not the easiest time in a dogs life, but you can help to make the process go smoothly if you keep your head and follow some advice. The first thing you should do when it .es to potty training a puppy is to invest in some reading material. And I dont mean the latest copy of Vogue! You can download easy to follow eBook guides of potty training puppies from the inter., you can purchase helpful books from all good book stores and you can even pick up leaflets at the vet to help you get started on potty training a puppy. The next item you will need is a training mat. This is a large, absorbent piece of material which you can place somewhere in the house which is out of the way of children, but convenient for your puppy to get to. This will be your main tool in potty training a puppy and you should invest in at least a dozen of them to begin with! Training mats help the puppy to learn that he must go to the toilet in a specific place and eventually you can lead this training out into the garden or when you go out for walks. Introduce your puppy slowly to the mats, but dont take too long. You should aim to begin potty training your puppy when he is around twelve to fourteen weeks old. You should also invest in some treats such as small dog biscuits. You should give your puppy a treat each time he uses his mat and make sure that you give him a lot of praise and attention. It is important that you should your dog you are pleased with him because he will want to do it again and again. Never shout or raise your voice as this will only scare and confuse your dog and always keep your patience and remember that potty training a puppy takes time. When you introduce your puppy to walks, be sure to praise him whenever he goes to the toilet outside and take a bag of treats along with you. You might find that for the first few times he is too excited to do anything, but this will change as your puppy grows and learns. Have patience and remember to ask for advice if and when you need it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: