Science and technology heavyweights arrived in Wuzhen, the first thing Ma snacks to find Ding Lei to isobuster

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Technology heavyweights arrived in Wuzhen the first thing: Ma Yun Ding Lei to buy snacks to find the toilet source: Evening News Third World Internet Conference has entered the countdown, according to Qianjiang Evening News reported on November 16th, some Internet heavyweights have arrived early held — Zhejiang Wuzhen Alibaba, the group chairman of the board of directors Ma Yun, chairman and CEO Lei Jun millet technology and NetEase CEO Ding Lei has arrived in Wuzhen on 15 September, the unexpected is, Ma Yun to Wuzhen the first thing he can afford to buy snacks, and Ding Lei is to find the toilet. Ma Yun: Ma Yun wins the first buy a piece of cake with no luggage and bag, quickly through security, take the shuttle bus directly to the main venue of the SYPC conference. According to Qianjiang Evening News reported 16, yesterday (15 days) more than 6 in the evening, Ma appeared in a Wuzhen alley. He asked his entourage to buy some wins the cake, then got into the B & B 18 Jincheng bank private dinner. Ma Yun a bunch of reporters waiting outside, the reporter uncle bad music. Until 8 o’clock in the evening, Ma and his party finished eating. "Does it taste good?" Reporter asked. Ma happy to answer: "good." Do you feel that Wuzhen has changed?" Ma Yun said: "more beautiful." The smell of the UK bank private foreman told the evening news reporter, Ma, a line of more than and 10 people, is in the two floor room Linhe dinner, some wine. They are in the evening to the temporary decision to eat on the coast, Ma is the first time." The smell of the British said, "our family farm food is very famous, this time they had a little lamb, pickled Beef in Brown Sauce, and Taihu crab, the village of Ukraine to grow their own vegetables in season more than and 10." Wen Jianying said Ma was very happy to eat very satisfied, I hope Ma later." Lei Jun: millet will erupt in the three or four line of the city on the Internet, in the electronic business platform, we are still very strong." 9 pm, overbearing President Lei Jun (millet CEO) opening is very domineering be long in coming. Lei Jun just past double 11 millet in Tmall, Jingdong have got the first day of mobile phone sales, which seems to give a lot of confidence in the Lei Jun. In his view, millet sales in the double 11 during the sale of millet and the word of mouth on the market there are advantages, but the line does not need to do the promotion of the market, especially the three or four tier cities. Previously, millet came up with a second tier city replacement tide passed, it seems Lei Jun also need a period of time three or four lines covering the city. However, Lei Jun said, followed by the outbreak of the three or four line of the city a year." Ding Lei to Wuzhen first thing: to find the toilet last night about 9:30, Ding Lei (NetEase, CEO) "dark" in Wuzhen. A visitor center security department, surrounded by a large number of reporters. Ding Lei, Ding Lei, is still a sweatshirt and jeans. Entourage waved his hand off, reporters saw Ding Lei, anxious straight men ran. "Tomorrow, tomorrow, to be interviewed." An accompanying staff distributed the business card to reporters, "tomorrow, directly to me." Ding)相关的主题文章: