Russian Economic Development Minister of bribery investigation that the Russian Prime Minister was a

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Russian Economic Development Minister bribery arrested Russian Prime Minister Putin to claim the original title: anti-corruption tiger"! Russian Economic Development Minister for bribery, was arrested on the spot according to the 15 Russian satellite network reported that the Russian investigative committee and the media relations department deputy director Svetlana Peter Rienk said that the Russian Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev was arrested for bribery. Russian Prime Minister Medvedev knew Ulyukaev detained, and President Putin have been discussed, and advocated a thorough investigation. Russian Investigation Commission said earlier, according to the comprehensive action of the Russian Federal Security Bureau of economic development minister Ulyukaev criminal case. Data figure: Russian Economic Development Minister Alexei Ulyukayev, according to Russian news investigation committee, November 2016 14 Riwuliukayefu accepting $2 million, to make a positive assessment of the Russian oil company acquired 50% state-owned oil company bash trading. The circumstances of the crime are related to the matter. At present, Ulyukaev has been arrested. The Russian government news agency said, the prime minister was detained on the Ulyukaev informed, the prime minister has been discussed with the president on the matter". "The prime minister thinks it is necessary to conduct the most thorough investigation of the case," the news agency said." Earlier there was news that Ulyukaev was arrested on suspicion of bribery, he accused the Russian oil extortion. Russian investigative committee said, according to the results of the Russian Federal Security Agency comprehensive action, on suspicion of bribery, the amount is particularly huge, Ulyukaev criminal filing. The highest charge can be sentenced to 15 years in prison. Shocked the Japanese side, talking about economic cooperation, according to the world wide web, citing Japan’s Kyodo News 15, said the Japanese government’s economic cooperation with Russia in the consultations, Ulyukaev is responsible for the summary of the Russian proposal. Master the key officials detained consultations, may will affect the sustained peace treaty negotiations with Russia bilateral relations. Ulyukaev 3, and the Japanese economy and industry of the world farming Hiroshige’s talks, Russia Japan produced 89 economic cooperation project proposal list. In view of Russian President Putin’s upcoming visit to Japan in December, Mr Yoko Hiroshige had hoped to use the middle of this month in Peru to attend the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting with the machine again talks with the. World farming 15, after a cabinet meeting, said the meeting was very shocked, but also said that will continue to earnestly promote the work of economic cooperation plan. According to the satellite news 15, said Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan Yi Wei said at a news conference in November 15th, the government did not think Ulyukaev was arrested will affect Russia and Japan negotiations on economic cooperation. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: