Rong Jie frozen production reached oil bulls intraday trend analysis details

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Rong Jie: frozen production reached oil bulls intraday trend analysis details yesterday: the trend of crude oil eye-catching performance, due to freeze production from shaking heaven and earth, then oil prices fell after another, with the Wednesday morning API data bullish to the Bulls came good, bears have stabilized, but the market is still weak, days of white plate has remained weak finishing EIa, even if the subsequent inventory data showed crude oil inventories fell 1 million 882 thousand barrels, 6 million 200 thousand barrels in the first reduction in the value of the pressure by short below 45, the lowest intraday low to 44.40-30 range is short but crude ascribed to the 45.75 line, we focus on the OPEC blog "just touches the producer in the informal talks, beware of bulls once again swept the" prompt single area 44.2-44.5. After a short stay, long counterattack, to anti 44.80-45.0 and breakthrough data released during the early morning hours, high market came the production agreement message, will bring the tremendous influence to the market, long two times the maximum impact force, above 47.40, the daily closing line, directly hold above 46.50, before and after the crude oil inventories change radically. The overall performance is down after the bottom rebound, the final bull kongpan! The early morning yesterday, OPEC production reached a frozen accident agreement, the agreement shows that: OPEC in Algeria reached informal oil meeting to limit oil output agreement, OPEC will limit the total oil output in 32 million 500 thousand barrels a day, this would mean that August oil output dropped more than 700 thousand barrels per day (September OPEC monthly report in August the organization of oil Nissan 33 million 237 thousand barrels)). According to the OPEC representative said, OPEC agreed to limit production in the range of 3250-3300 million barrels a day, and OPEC will set up a commission to determine the size of the country’s production. This is OPEC after two years of market control, and finally reached an agreement, but also for the first time in eight years, OPEC reached an agreement to cut production, but more political intentions. So, in the short term is bound to stimulate strong crude oil prices, but the long-term effect is not great, after all, shale oil production and new energy technology innovation on the adverse oil price! On the other hand, the agreement itself huaiguitai, the lower yield increase yield surface might also be for the protection of market share. So, we are optimistic about the short-term bullish oil bulls continue to rise, the medium-term need to look at the performance of the underlying fundamentals and technical support! Crude oil technology, the daily closing large line, directly engulfed in front of three K-line entities, the entity part of effective wear cycle average resistance, the formation of short cycle indicators on the situation, the sun highlights the strong bull run, and is now close to the weekly ending, with Zhou Xianlai, yesterday rose a larger space, then the weekly harvest Yinxian is difficult, once the harvest full entity may hold weekly K-line, the mid 30 week moving average, form a new round of rising. Combination of technical and fundamental point of view, oil bulls will continue to decline 51.6-50.7 finished, the pressure of the upward impact on the line, the current in the vicinity of 47.4, this is yesterday’s highs, mid point.相关的主题文章: