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Riri’s nose becomes quite different, how to draw a different nose shape after the effect of the micro? Are COSMO micro signal: cosmochina if a person face, that not too ugly, nose high people face and temperament is not bad. In addition to the cosmetic, make-up can give a flat nose a way out? Today, COSMO will take you to take a look at the stars of the nose which changes! Scarlett · Johansson (Scarlett) has been described as her current Marilyn ·, but in her body, we see not only beautiful, but also the charm of time to give her. Scarlett · Johnson’s nose is a high nose, nose meat kind. This type of nose, you need to rely on a modified nose profile, make the nose look more delicate. Using double eyelid tape to draw a super natural nose profile Penelope · Cruz (Penelope Cruz) is known as the Spanish stunner Penelope · Cruz, as the daughter of God. The goddess of good temperament, but also from her early study of classical ballet. Penelope · Cruz is the tip of the nose is very prominent, standard cold beauty image. Laugh nose feels a bit wide, after the nose shadow, instantly narrowed a lot. Angelina · (Angelina Jolie) a lot of people to her love, has not only stay in appearance. Julie’s aura, and she revealed the power of women, is also worthy of our admiration. When she debuted earlier, some baby fat. With the breakthrough of style, and the change of Julie’s own temperament, and the contrast is very bright. Adele · Adkins (Adele Adkins) from her without confidence, is cheating on her boyfriend fat, to today’s European and American pop diva. Adele’s life more than her makeup counter attack, absolutely inspirational. Adele’s love retro makeup, eye makeup and now she didn’t change what. But the whole people lost a lot of weight, plus nose profile modification, looks a lot of foreign flavor. Megan · Fawkes (Megan Fox) from the star of "Transformers" is known as the Megan · Fawkes, the sexy goddess image is popular. Whether it is still afraid of street red carpet, so charming! Skin problems Megan from his debut on the more obvious, so the foundation of the foundation with a dark look a lot cleaner. Dark makeup collocation nose high light, is her makeup tips. Rihanna (Rihanna) Riri is not only more and more beautiful songs, but also eye-catching style. It seems that the future of the fashion circle and more than a personality of hip hop. Rihanna’s nose was relatively wide, the nose is not too high. The features you need to use the nose shadow, create a three-dimensional line, at the same time in the nose with high light brighten. Black · (Blake Lively) she is what we often call a natural entertainer, from "the summer of jeans" to ".相关的主题文章: