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Riding the electric car truck was hit   good police for his umbrella rain — Law — people.com.cn original title: riding the electric car truck was hit good police for his rain umbrella for the injured police Huan Jianfeng umbrella. The evening of 28, the town of Danyang Heng Zhen Times Square, a car accident, a truck collided with an electric car, and led to the electric car driver fell to the ground after injury. And in the Danyang traffic police official: rushed to the scene disposal, the sky suddenly began to rain, and the rain is more and more big. The critical moment, the police immediately found a umbrella Huan Jianfeng, regardless of their own wet, give the injured umbrella nursing. On the evening of 28 at 6:40 PM, Danyang police official: Jiepai squadron received 110 command center, said the area Jiepai Town 66 times square at the truck and battery car collided, someone was injured, after the alarm quickly out of the police official. Huan Jianfeng told reporters, after the scene, he saw a man lying on the ground, hand Hukou hemorrhage, also said his leg pain. Because it is not clear whether the head injury, plus there is no fracture, Huan Jianfeng dare not move the injured, so as not to cause two damage. Immediately, he called the command center, asked to send an ambulance to the scene to rescue. Unfortunately, the day originally in Danyang Xinqiao stagnation ambulance, because there are tasks to send patients to Danyang City, so the 120 emergency deployment of an ambulance from downtown Danyang to the scene of the accident. In the process of waiting for the ambulance, the sky suddenly rain. "The fear of the injured head caught in the rain, will aggravate the injury, officials quickly go around looking for a: an umbrella to the injured umbrella rain. It is understood that the injured Kim, Anhui, Chaohu, in the town of licensing a site work. And his wife stay in Danyang. Huan Jianfeng said, when he let Kim to his wife and family were informed, Kim is afraid to worry and refused to work, just to the call site foreman. In the conversation, the sky raining harder and harder, although the official body Jianfeng was wet, but he disregarded…… About half an hour later, the ambulance arrived at the scene, "Huan Jianfeng said during the auxiliary police also helped the umbrella, when they carried the injured ambulance, they found themselves are not a piece of dry. Kim was sent to the hospital after the official call Kim: and let the wife rushed to the hospital to take care of kim. On the morning of 29, Huan Jianfeng also contact the hospital to ask Kim that Kim’s injury, a broken leg, hand injuries, fortunately there is no problem found in the head. To give a gold umbrella rain they shower "soaked through", he smiled and told reporters, "fortunately, the temperature is not too low, then Wu Wu is dry". At present, the specific cause of the accident is under investigation. (commissioning editor Zhao Enze and Zhang Yu)相关的主题文章: