Red net is too fake! Now popular virgin face! (video) quickchm

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Red net is too fake! Now popular virgin face! In the network era, red snake face, a new aesthetic standard of "virgin face" began to counterattack, the so-called "virgin face" refers to those who looks natural, not after surgery or two back face, pure and innocent, naive temperament of female students. Straight love Lin Yun – Virgin face net red awl face has been! (red net VS virgin face) red net = pseudo pure red net has straight cancer favor, they generally have a sharp awl face, European eyes, high nose, lateral synophrys: red net looks very easy to let people innocently tell, red net every time his looks pure and pleasant, but actually looks like it looks more material, material girl both visual sense. So natural that the original "virgin face" becomes more and more valuable: (Feifei Sun) red net VS virgin let us look at the face of this chart, red net to tip than the virgin face chin, eye spacing to narrow nose, eyebrows more pretty, more flat. The red face and pointed chin snake face, the face has a gentle oval virgin & round face. (red net) (virgin face) flat thick eyebrows eyebrow Red Net usually love fire, European eyelid width 8mm. (red net) virgin face without even eyebrows eyebrow frown, slightly drooping eyelids, natural. (a face) usually red eye nose distance is narrow, and generally the aquiline nose: (red net) virgin face (eyes open eye spacing distance is more than monocular distance), the nose is not so tall, showing the state of nature: (a virgin (face) before and after the Red Net facelift) look at the pure natural non artificial "virgin face", although the facial features may not be so solid and perfect, but far more than those who deliberately carved or painted red to be too good to hear or see the net! "The basic makeup virgin makeup" natural beauty is to create a clean and delicate, natural blush and nude color lipstick, embellishment health good complexion is a beauty, makeup goddess fan. The first step: makeup accessories before the end of milk on the face of the forehead, nose, chin, cheeks five points on the amount of ornaments at the end of milk, with the middle finger ring finger gently, make skin lotion evenly attached to bottom decoration. The second step: Concealer Concealer products in the eye and face some small flaws at the light cover, do not cover large area, otherwise it will destroy the makeup of the sense of vision. The third step: use cream instead of cream blush Blush Powder Blush, because the former is the skin with high integration, can improve the makeup of the moist feeling, the first step is to enhance the makeup gas chroma. Blush cream with finger dipped, dab in Apple muscle can. The fourth step: naked nude color lipstick lip colors usually dull, make people look so old nude make-up is not equal to the lips. The nude color, with aqua moist sense lipstick painted lips, and then immediately enhance the good complexion. The fifth step: use transparent transparent loose powder with high degree of powder makeup or need, but does not appear to float powder phenomenon, we can use the powder brush dipped into the transparent powder, sweep the position of the local blush makeup, so makeup is complete. This article from Tencent news client from the media, does not represent the views and positions of Tencent news相关的主题文章: