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Really pay! Iran sits to purchase 30 military transport aircraft emergency water box Yu Dabao: Iran team like the European team to play in the Champions League against the opponent striker yesterday morning, the Iran team in the country’s military transport aircraft arrived in Shenyang airport. Due to the special channel, fans and reporters at the airport did not see the Iran team members. In their hotel, there are some Chinese fans waiting for the signature photo. In this Iran team, in addition to the Portuguese "golden generation" called the godfather of coach Carlos and Iran Messi Aziz Mongolia, Chinese fans familiar with the people I am afraid not. Iran Qiangshuai ride Iran players in China despite the military transport plane is not what the big, but played in European leagues, in their respective clubs also have consistent playing time. Including Pani Noni Aus Ansari and super France, veteran Saujai; Danijel Ahmadinejad, Alkmaar Dutch old coins attacking midfielder Jahan Bakshi; Russian super talic fullback Milad · Muhe Nardi, Rostov Iza Tora F; and Portuguese goalkeeper Hagigi Marie Timo. The Iran team has done a very good job of security. According to hotel staff, the Iran team a lot of baggage. They have a high demand for accommodation and catering. The hotel was originally prepared for its pure water did not meet the requirements, then the hotel and another emergency procurement of 30 boxes of mineral water. Yesterday’s heavy rain forced the Iran team to cancel its established training and return to the hotel gym. Before training, some of the players around the hotel. But according to the Shenyang Division staff revealed that the Iran team training today is not open to the media, only 5 days on, will let the media watch 15 minutes. Beijing News reporter Fang Liang Shenyang reported相关的主题文章: