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Rand Co’s latest poll: Hilary winning probability significantly ahead of the original title: United States think tank Rand Co new poll: Hilary winning probability significantly ahead [World Wide Web Roundup] think tank Rand Co in November 1st released the latest poll, the Democratic presidential candidate Hilary winning probability significantly ahead of Republican presidential candidate John Trump by 9.1 percentage points, the liberal party the presidential candidate Johnson winning probability of 7.7%, a total of 13.1% remaining candidates. Since last December, the Rand Co has completed 5 of the investigation, in December last year, this year in March, August, September and October five at the end of the investigation, the Democratic Party has always been ahead of the Republican Party, and the gap had widened to 15.1 percentage points in the fifth survey results released in November 1st 43.7% ahead of the Republican Party 34.6%. Rand Co said that since March this year, the Democratic leadership has been higher than the margin of error, which means that this lead is not only a sampling error. Rand Co also said that this series of surveys did not use the conventional method of sampling from potential voters, but the use of probability statistics. Rand Co first let the number from 0 to 100 of respondents selected to answer the possibility of their vote, then ask respondents if you vote, the possibility to vote for Trump and Hilary, Johnson and others are a few percent?" The final results of the survey were calculated based on these two results. The Rand Co also asked respondents to estimate the percentage of each candidate’s chances of winning, and the question was, "how much do you think each candidate will win?"" The results of the survey, Hilary lead, while the data from the first television debate, Trump significantly reduced. September survey shows that Trump is still 37.8% chance of winning, and now has been reduced to 31.4%. After the last plan a series of investigation in the voting ended immediately, and the results will show how respondents the final vote, the difference with them to participate in the investigation before the election results. Editor: the flourishing SN123相关的主题文章: