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Careers-Employment The hub of every major employer, human resources is where the right candidates are placed in the right positions within an organization. New hires, transfers and promotions are handled, raises, employee disciplinary, training courses and anything else that keeps a .pany running smoothly all .e together here in this one department. Sometimes referred to as a personnel department, this is where upper management turns to when annual employee reviews are due, union contracts are up for renewal and when employee manuals need to be revised. A .pany’s HR department ensures its .pany is current and in .pliance with state and federal laws regarding wage and labor issues. Each .pany defines its own parameters for its personnel department, but those in these departments shoulder a lot of responsibility regarding the .pany’s internal mechanisms. The profile of an HR specialist varies as well. Generally speaking, however, these personnel have degrees in business administration, .munications or even human resources administration. Labor relations might require other defined degrees and are determined by each employer, depending on the need for negotiators, mediators or arbitrators and the level of union presence. Some .panies prefer a background in the legalities of contract negotiations for those who will be closely working with unions. But what if you’re looking to start at an entry level position? These positions are available, and if you’ve worked as an intern in the past or have other skill sets and experience (even a minimum of experience is advantageous), the chances of landing one of these jobs are actually quite good. Entry level positions handle many of the administrative and clerical roles, including employee absences, updating databases when new hires .e on board or employees who resign or are discharged via terminations or layoffs. They typically revise pay scales and make changes or revisions to an employee’s annual contract. Other duties might include research, filing, covering the phones, possibly typing correspondence and performing other duties as needed. Not surprisingly, those who do well in these roles often are promoted faster than with other occupations. For those who promote out of the entry level positions, some of the duties one might expect to be covering include the .pany’s recruitment efforts, organizational efforts, new employee orientation, health insurance, disability claims (whether injury occurred on site or away), workers .pensation issues, payroll (depending on the employer), coordinating job fairs and others. The ideal candidate will often be the liaison between upper management and the media, employees and others. Essentially, those in human resources are on the frontline of the .pany. When this department is run smoothly and efficiently, the entire .pany benefits. In 2006, there were approximately 860,000 positions in the human resources field. A large percentage of these employees filled the roles of training specialists. Further, the Bureau of Labor statistics reveal an increasing need for those who are especially adept at retirement procedures, including health care, retirement funds, ever-changing laws and other related issues. As baby-boomers near retirement age, those .panies not prepared for the higher than normal retirement age personnel could potentially run into problems. A well-trained and dedicated member of the human resources department can offset the frustration and reduce the number of errors made, while developing a solid process that will eliminate the unnecessary red tape. Despite outsourcing to other countries, most .panies insist their HR departments are in tact and have no intent of outsourcing any work related to human resources. This, of course, has much to do with confidentiality laws and sensitive information that’s kept within HR departments. It’s not a feasible alternative, even without the confidentiality issues. The biggest demand is predicted to be those careers related to training programs. Between new employees who require training as they’re learning the .pany and their new jobs, as well as the ever changing technological advances, the need to keep employees current and with pace of these advances is always a priority. In fact, experts predict a 16% increase in training personnel over the next seven years. This is a unique opportunity in that some .panies will require formal training before taking on some of the more .plex employee training courses, there will be room for current employees who are knowledgeable of the .pany’s networks, accounting programs, databases and other .pany-specific programs to step up to the plate and provide internal training for new employees. Again, per statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median in.e in 2006 was near $89,000, the lower figures balance out around $58,000. Of course, these numbers are greatly affected by experience, education and the size of the .pany. If you have the organizational skills, the ability to maintain confidential information without .promise, are .puter literate and enjoy a fast paced office environment, human resources offers all of this, along with room for advancement at faster paces than most other .pany departments. These facts, along with the promising information via BLS regarding the growth of this sector, .e together to paint a picture for positions that remain in demand. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: