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Promote the reform and deepen the     firmly grasp the reform and development of state-owned enterprises goal – energy – people firmly grasp the reform and development of state-owned enterprises. General secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to the reform and development of state-owned enterprises, has repeatedly made important instructions instructions, with particular emphasis on strengthening the state-owned enterprises to do better, has a very important practical significance and far-reaching historical significance. To uphold and improve the basic economic system, we must give play to the leading role of the state-owned economy. First, we must adhere to and improve the basic economic system of socialism. The state-owned economy can only be strengthened, not weakened, we must unswervingly consolidate and develop the public sector of the economy, with stronger and bigger state-owned enterprises. Two is to give full play to the backbone and the backbone of the inevitable requirement. In the process of China’s economic and social development, state-owned enterprises have been playing an irreplaceable role, is to promote economic and social development of the backbone and backbone. Three is the inevitable requirement to enhance the national competitiveness. Cultivate a number of world-class enterprises with international competitiveness, in order to continue to enhance China’s influence in the global economy and the right to speak, and continue to enhance national competitiveness. To strengthen and improve the central enterprises should deepen the reform with the center of enhancing vitality and improving efficiency. General secretary pointed out that to promote the reform of state-owned enterprises to enhance the vitality of enterprises, improve efficiency as the center, improve the core competitiveness of state-owned enterprises. First, we must firmly grasp the direction of market-oriented reform, according to the law of the market to do business, according to the law to implement corporate property rights and management rights, so that state-owned enterprises to become independent market players. Two to firmly grasp the key to the establishment of a modern enterprise system. To solve the problem of principal-agent relationship and form a flexible and effective management mechanism. Further promote the joint-stock reform of the company, actively and steadily push forward the reform of mixed ownership, and further improve the corporate governance structure. Three we must firmly grasp the core of mobilizing the enthusiasm of the people. Fully stimulate the potential of the majority of cadres and workers and the power of entrepreneurship, in the election, use, education, stay four aspects of efforts to form a correct selection and employment oriented. Four to firmly grasp the main focus on capital management. Accelerate the transformation of state-owned assets supervision, as soon as possible from the main pipe to the main pipe capital. Focus should be to manage the layout of the state capital, regulate the capital operation, improve the return on capital, safeguard the capital security, by strengthening supervision, strengthen supervision, and effectively prevent the loss of state assets and major risk events, to ensure that the value of state-owned assets. Strengthen the central enterprises to improve the quality and efficiency of the supply side structural reform as the focus. General secretary attaches great importance to promote the structural reform of the supply side, a profound interpretation of this major initiatives. First, we should vigorously implement the innovation driven strategy. Firmly establish the concept of innovation and development, take the lead to carry out the double work, vigorously promote independent innovation, management innovation and business model innovation. Two to adjust the layout structure. Effectively in accordance with the central three to a drop in the overall requirements, the initiative to reduce, revitalize the stock, do incremental efforts. Accelerate the pace of structural adjustment by taking advantage of capital, talent and mechanism. Three, we should vigorously promote the quality and efficiency of fitness and health. Compressed)相关的主题文章: