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The protection of the uterus a few tips – Sohu maternal and child health for the baby, the physical consumption is very large, especially for our secret base – the uterus. Therefore, we must pay attention to the uterus after production maintenance, maintenance of uterus note? What are the uterus maintenance measures? Uterus maintenance first step: nutritional supplements often eat bean products, drink Green Tea, can complement the phytoestrogen, risk can be endometrialcancer rate down to 46%. Reasonable arrangements for three meals nutrition, eat more rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and mineral elements of food, reduce high-fat foods. High fat foods to promote the production and release of certain hormones, and the formation of uterine fibroids and a large number of estrogen stimulation, adhere to a low-fat diet, drink plenty of water. Eat spicy, wine, frozen food etc.. Postpartum uterine maintenance of the second step: exercise to do a little bit of uterine recovery. Through a simple way to restore the uterus, accelerate the secretion of hormones. To increase uterine function, prevent uterine bleeding and uterine prolapse of the movement: double knee kneeling on the bed, straight waist, chest and face as close as possible to the bed surface, to maintain 5 minutes. Then lay in bed, do abdomen hip movement, feel your body together with the contraction of the uterus. Swimming is the best way to exercise the uterus. It can strengthen the blood circulation, promote metabolism, can effectively avoid the adverse effects of the earth’s attraction to the uterus. Recommended to swim 2 hours a week. The third step: the maintenance of postpartum uterine massage massage cervical part of the uterus recovery is very favorable, as follows: the palm of your hand with the palm of the hand rub, pushing up from below to the upper abdomen, palms and fingertips massage with hot thigh, from the inside oblique upward, with the palm of the heat paste in the lower abdomen, with breath sinking. If there is a condition with the best combination of yoga "ovary" essential oil massage, the effect is better. Postpartum uterine maintenance fourth steps: adequate sleep sleep secretion of growth hormone in the body is the most. Growth hormone but we quickly restore body essential oh. The postpartum uterus maintenance precautions to uterus recovering well, pregnant women should pay attention to the following aspects: 1, timely micturition postpartum to timely micturition, so as not to make the bladder distension or too often in the expansion of the state. 2, avoid long-term decubitus postpartum 6~8 hours, mothers can sit up in second days after the elimination of fatigue, can get out of bed, which is beneficial to the body physiological function and physical recovery, help the uterus recovery and discharge of lochia. Bed rest as far as possible to take a left or right lying posture, to avoid lying on the back, in order to prevent the back of the uterus; if the uterus has been bent backward, should be done to correct the knee chest position. 3, breastfeeding breast feeding is not only conducive to the growth and development of the baby, and the baby’s sucking reflex will stimulate uterine contraction, thereby promoting the recovery of the uterus. 4, pay attention to the health of the perineum should pay attention to health, so as not to cause genital tract inflammation, further affect the recovery of the uterus. Thank you for your attention.相关的主题文章: