Photos of the gospel of these gadgets easy to print

Take many Gospel gadgets easily print pictures lead: popularity, more and more high pixel intelligent mobile phone, more and more people love life photographed using a mobile phone to take photos of Mimi, light is the presence of mobile phone not enough, must be washed out to share with the world. In order to meet the needs of this group of people, various digital brands have launched interesting and fashionable products. (source: YOKA men’s network) concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! HP Sprocket portable photo printer, priced at $129. The handheld mini printer is not your smartphone long, you can print 2*3 inch size photos, body weight of about 453.6 grams, the thickness of about 2.1 cm, very portable. Currently Sprocket is suitable for Apple’s iOS system and Google Android system, easy for users to print photos in the phone. The matching application can also be printed photo editing, such as add borders, text, Emoji expression and other special effects, make the picture look more cool. The use of Sprocket ink is not a traditional printer ink cartridges, but the use of HP special HP ZINK photo photographic imaging. This paper has built all color printing process will be presented in a photo of demand. According to HP, this paper can waterproof, anti fouling, anti tear. HP Sprocket printer for $129 (about 860 yuan), there are black and white optional. The printer comes with 10 piece of photographic paper; retail version of the 20 box of paper is priced at $10 (about 66.7 yuan), users can now go to the HP website to buy Photo Paper and this printer. LG looks interesting POPO printing machine PD239G, 698 yuan LG launched this PD239 pocket printer can print photos is known as the film cannot be edited than only whenever and wherever possible, the greater the polaroid. Connect to a cell phone, a digital camera, a PAD, a laptop, or use a NFC to match Android’s smartphone. Size 76*126*20mm, weight 202g. And mobile phones as simple and compact, holding in hand or in the bag does not account for the local. As long as the download LG Photo App, you can edit the photos two times, add text, date, you can also add two-dimensional code for each photo, and then forwarded to the social networking site on the Pocket. Because PD239 is used in ZINK Technology (a non ink printing technology, by controlling the heating temperature of the specific papers in different parts of different color display), so no cartridge or ribbon, but requires the use of a special paper, 10 installed price of 75 yuan cheaper than the polaroid. It is said that now a new sticker type paper, typing can easily paste, feel more like Oh, of course, the price is more expensive. Canon PIXMA inkjet MFP many people feel alone.相关的主题文章: