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Pediatrician mother: what causes the baby amputation? The truth makes you surprised – Sohu mother and child into the fall and winter seasons, with the temperature decreased, some parents can give advice to the baby wearing gloves. There have been media reports, mother to newborn baby’s hand wearing gloves, a few days did not come off, thread around fingers blocked blood circulation, causing necrosis of finger amputation. Once, we also encountered the baby’s toes, genitalia are lint, hair, rubber band…… this phenomenon is called hair tourniquet syndrome (Hair Tourniquet Syndrome), is the end of limbs is hair, thread tightly, into the flesh, leading to a clinical phenomenon of injury pain. Common in the baby’s fingers, toes, genitalia, severe limb ischemia and necrosis require amputation. This situation often occurs in young children, especially in June before the age of the baby, because they can not express, the accident is often because of the negligence of parents. Therefore, peacetime life, parents should be vigilant, timely attention to understand the baby’s reaction. Mother asked, mommy a small shrimp Q: newborn gloves is the need? A: many parents think the baby eat dirty hands, or worried about your baby’s nails will face to scratch, or worry about the baby’s hands exposed cool…… parents worry that the mood is understandable, but in fact there is no need to, first of all, the development of fine motor wear gloves prevent baby’s second, will interfere with the baby touch the development of. Baby sucking fingers can promote the growth of the cerebral cortex, you can suck fingers in the process of developing action, understanding the body, explore the outside world. Sucking fingers, appears to be very simple, but contains a hand eye coordination, finger differentiation and a series of capacity development. In the hands of the process, the baby will slowly realize that the "hand" is "I" part of the body, and gradually to distinguish between the body and the outside world, so baby clean hands to eat it. If you are worried about the baby’s nails in the face, you can often cut your nails. A young baby can sleep after the baby will trim. Infants and young children limb temperature is relatively low, when the room temperature is low, you can give the baby to wear longer clothes, or appropriate to improve indoor temperature. Parents should pay attention to clothes to frequently check whether the thread parents should pay attention to the baby’s clothing, be sure to check the good, especially the purchase of new clothes, the excess thread cut after cleaning to give the baby to wear, prevent thrum wound accident. Baby boys need to pay more attention to the external genitalia, if you find a baby often accompanied by scratching and crying, please help to check immediately. Also note that the baby socks inside the head easily toes will be wrapped, safety can be wearing socks. Timely treatment of hair loss is very important mothers postpartum hair loss will be normal (postpartum hair loss is a normal physiological phenomenon). Hair loss is very easy to wrap around the baby’s toes or fingers, and often difficult to find by parents. Mother’s hair is usually the best tie up, especially in the treasure.相关的主题文章: