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Our cruise "Genting dream", blue dream set sail from here! I do not know from the beginning of Sohu travel, I fell in love with the cruise. I love together in the sea cruise and gracefully ride the wind and waves I love to watch a sunset, sunrise in extending to the stage of life, I love and understanding friends get along like family, I love to be alone to see the scenery, see the sea, to see the dolphins, see whale… Encounter is a kind of fate, I want to sit on the cruise ship drifting in the sea, I want to have a pair of wings to fly in the sky, I love the sea, love how to sit on the cruise vacation! I am greatly reduced on the plane or train travel interest now! Because my experience is: cruise travel for me to pursue the quality of travel is more suitable for people! This form of travel is the easiest, most romantic, the most free, the most enjoyable, the most happy! I love traveling around the world on a cruise! In November 13th, the first domestic Asian luxury cruise cruise – Kelly’s first cruise ship "Genting dream" for the first time sailing will be kicked off, it will be a perfect trip at sea, it is a "gluttonous feast" throughout the world, is also a big stars and sea journey trip. My favorite is the cruise on the beach, sitting on a luxury cruise to travel around the world, is the dream of many people. Take the Star Cruise "Genting dream" world tour, the dream into reality. I had thought about meeting my TA on the blue beach, proposing on the deck of a luxury cruise ship, saying, "I would like to be in the middle of the vast sea of stars". Our cruise blue love collective wedding can realize all my dreams of love. I remember in 1994, arouse the hearts of young girls all sea dream movie "mermaid legend" in the movie, the vast blue sea, drowning boy in white and beautiful "Mermaid" Christy Chung. Many years later, still beautiful "Mermaid" Christy Chung and Zhang Lunshuo into the marriage hall, Kelly cruise has the honor of being the designated sea Christy Chung couple honeymoon castle. In December 25th, they will bring their own close relatives and good friends and three cute little princess dream of the blue and you open the trip. At the same time, in 25, when a new day begins in the sunshine, there will be fifty cars consisting of luxury car fleet, will you received from the hotel boarding pier. The wedding exclusive boarding area boarding pier, which you will be with fifty luxury cars Kelly cruise LOGO group photos, surprise and look forward before the sail may be feeling the most worthy of recording the journey, let the photographer to hold this beautiful moment. That night, the constellation of thousands of people to accommodate the theater will not only regularly show the latest 3D movie, but also in particular for you to prepare a shocking exclusive show. This blue journey in laughter in the curtain. 26, when you wake up at sea in the sunshine, you will find your room there has been a search for love wishing tree task card, this task card will lead you to overcome every love tests, after you will complete all the tasks on the aft deck to write their own declaration of love, love hanging on the tree a bottle. The sea breeze will raise your love wish bottle!相关的主题文章: