Obscene pregnant woman driver drunk man suspected of compulsory indecency was arrested-incubus

Lewd pregnant female driver drunk man on suspicion of compulsory indecency was the arrest of the newspaper news (reporter Xie Bin Su Xingbin Yin Qi) take a taxi after a drunken man, to pregnant woman driver Jin indecent. Recently, Zhang Mou was arrested on suspicion of forced indecency and was arrested by the people’s Procuratorate of Lianhu district. In September 27th this year, 21 am, is 5 months pregnant in tim (a pseudonym) driving from the ring road to the north, a man wearing a man covered in alcohol stopped in Tim’s car, the man said to Tim to frame the destination, the drunken man on the side of the driver the position on the left. When driving to the train station near Tim underground channel, a drunken man suddenly jumped on to Tim, hands fumble in his possession, to Tim in the rebellion was the man bitten by the left cheek and fingers. In desperation, on the phone to help her husband tim. 15 minutes later, when he arrived on the scene, the man’s right hand is pulling in Tim’s hand, left arm around the waist to tim. The drunken man surnamed Zhang, before the incident with friends drink a pound of wine and two bottles of beer after the wine above, absentminded driver seemingly found his girlfriend, so the driver implemented a cuddle, kiss indecency.

猥亵怀孕女司机醉酒男子涉嫌强制猥亵罪被批捕   本报讯(苏兴斌殷奇记者谢斌)男子醉酒后乘坐出租车,借酒劲猥亵怀孕女司机。近日,男子张某因涉嫌强制猥亵罪被莲湖区人民检察院批准逮捕。   今年9月27日21时许,已怀有5个月身孕的于恬(化名)驾车从环城路向北行驶时,一男子架着一名浑身酒气的男子拦住了于恬的车,架人男子给于恬说了目的地后,将醉酒男子放到了副驾驶的位置上便离开了。   当于恬驾车至火车站地下通道附近时,醉酒男子突然扑向于恬,用手在其身上乱摸,于恬在反抗中被该男子咬伤了左脸颊和手指。无奈之下,于恬电话向丈夫求救。15分钟后,当何先生赶到现场时,该男子的右手还拽着于恬的手,左手搂着于恬的腰。   经查,醉酒男子姓张,在案发前与朋友一起喝了一斤白酒和两瓶啤酒后酒劲上头,恍惚间发现女司机貌似其女朋友,于是对女司机实施了搂抱、亲吻等猥亵行为。相关的主题文章: