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Meditation Nurse Line is a healthcare support thats been incorporated in the nursing practice nowadays that offers 24 hours nursing services to those patients outside the hospital who seek medical attention. Is there really a need to take the trip to the ER or can a patients case just be treated at home? As a matter of fact, almost 53% of cases pf the patients who happen to take the trip at the ER are not as exigent as it should be, while 83% of callers with urgent cases are even directed to a substandard level of care. Another fact is that, the cost of out-patient consultations is budding swiftly that it even out priced the cost of pharmaceutical products. Before any decision of seeing a doctor at the ER is made, think first. Is my current medical status urgent? Do I have other options I can choose? Theres always a better option that is helpful and at the same time cost-effective budget-wise. CareNet is one Company that offers Nursing care services with a 24-hour access in all days of the week to qualified, competent and skilled Registered Nurses who are affable and resolute in helping the patient and other clients in defining appropriate intervention for an infirmity or injury and stipulate the information and instructions that you require in making sound health care choices that will benefit you and your loved ones. One feature of the NurseCare service that CareNet offers is the Ask a Nurse support, where in the nurses are available to provide information based on medically-approved standard operating procedures such as customary and basic information on all types of health problems including its diagnosis and treatments, a detailed and precise review of a drug together with its interactions to food and other drugs, expedient access to quality care, health teachings regarding self-care for non-urgent illness and minor injuries and the chance to live a better life through health awareness and healthcare tips, as well as an extended involvement of members in programs perpetrated to management of care and promotion of health. It gives its clients and patients as well as members the vital information needed in improving their well-being. Other than the fact that it prevents unnecessary trips to the ER, it enables the clients to receive swift and helpful information from proficient registered nurses whose experience of at least 15 years in their field of expertise pediatrics, obstetrics, geriatrics and medical-surgical nursing have equipped them skills to be in the forefront of the Nurse Line. The Nurse Line also improves positive outcomes by providing the client with a safe and clinically proven data, more than 400 triage recommendations, and unlimited access to over a thousand client-oriented health care pointers and the vastly recommended over the counter drugs and drug studies. The ask a nurse line is aimed to improving and maintaining health for a healthier and happier community by reaching out and touching their lives in giving them the appropriate healthcare services without delays while diverting unfitting medical attention. Also, an individual who is updated healthwise and knows is the key to reducing the cost of healthcare. So what is more satisfying to a well-informed individual than living a stress-free and healthy life? Isnt it nice to know that help is just a phone call away? ..callcarenet../ About the Author: 相关的主题文章: