Now fashionable girls, why all love to buy men’s clothing (video)

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Now fashionable girls, why all love to buy men’s clothing? Buy men’s girls, is not what tomboy". "More than 70% of my customers are women." Popular Korean Guochao brand Beyond Closet founder and designer (Ko Tae Yong against the high solution) said. Beyond Closet was founded in 2008, men’s clothing brand, signature products are college wind jackets and T-shirts and other youthful vitality of the jacket. Similar to other young brands in South Korea, Beyond Closet’s path to fame is inseparable from the Korean entertainment industry. The initial fame thanks to high against the solution for the year hit drama "boys" design uniforms, and after Beyond, Closet sharp loose pullovers, shirts and jackets appear in Quan Zhilong, Pu Baojian, and other popular idol column land holder body, formed their own followers, including many idol fans "sister". Beyond Closet Seoul fashion week Seoul fashion week background as a familiar name, a week ago should be dissolved high against the Hongkong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) to Beyond Closet with the latest Centre Stage 2016 series at Hongkong fashion week. This is full of amorous feelings of the new series rooftop party maintained Beyond Closet’s young and bright, although with a uniform male model, but it can be seen that the asexual series combines the designer to pursue that "regardless of gender, cool single product". Beyond Closet 2017 spring and summer (pictures from HKTDC) now referred to the men’s clothing, if only the use of "neutral wind" to describe, can not help but narrow and modern. "Is the premise of the existence of tomboy" is a word to distinguish gender, and for equality between men and women grew up in more mature environment of the young girl, on the premise that perhaps this would not exist, perhaps do not care whether drag like queen is male, girls, gender flow "(gender fluidity) can only describe their lives. At the same time, they did not deliberately pursue the "asexual", but has become a subtle change in their gender awareness. Boys do not have to dress like a boy, girls do not have to dress like a girl, the choice of clothing is only based on their own preferences, nothing more than that. Even recently, the fashion industry has begun to pay attention to this trend. So we see like Burberry and Gucci brands, such as Vetements or IT and Vivienne brands, such as Westwood (the old brand of punk punk is definitely one of the earliest breaking gender culture), men and women began to release together. This change was first proposed, but also because many brands have begun to use female models in the men’s show. In the Pr series相关的主题文章: