November 1st onwards, a number of new regulations to start the implementation of the network about t

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Since November 1st began to implement a number of new regulations about the car into the regulatory network of Xinhua News Agency reporters Bai Yang first car network in China about the implementation of the administrative measures, strict net about car drivers and platform access "threshold"; the national health and Family Planning Commission required to improve the medical safety management, clear responsibility of medical quality management; 800 km short haul fare custom the passenger travel, is expected to usher in a more "special offer tickets"…… This November, a number of new regulations will soon be implemented, so that the rule of law is increasingly perfect, so that life is more secure. A violent crime record is not allowed to drive the car about the net since November 1st, the concern of the "online booking taxi management service management Interim Measures" formally implemented, which means "network about cars" this new way to travel has entered the orbit of the rule of law. According to the way of network about car drivers must obtain the appropriate permission to drive a motor vehicle driving license and has more than 3 years driving experience, no traffic accident crime, crime of dangerous driving record, no drug use, no driving record and the record of violence after drinking, the recent 3 consecutive scoring cycle has no record of 12 points in the record. Way clear, network platform company shall record about the car driver, about car in its service platform to release the information content, user registration information, authentication information, order log, log on the Internet, online transaction log, log data and backup running track, and through the service platform in a significant manner, about car driver the passengers and other personal information collection and use of the purpose and scope of the way to inform. Without the express consent of the main body of the information, the network about car platform company shall not use these personal information for other businesses. The relevant departments should establish a network platform about the car and the driver of credit records, and included in the national credit information sharing platform; rental organization of auto industry association shall establish network platform about the car and the driver record list system, strengthen self-discipline. Medical quality management responsibility to further clarify the national health and Family Planning Commission issued the "medical quality management approach" from November 1st. Approach requires the establishment of medical institutions, medical safety and risk management system to further standardize the behavior of medical services to ensure the quality of medical care and medical safety. Way to clear the implementation of medical quality management, science and technology two level responsibility system. Medical institutions are mainly responsible for the first responsibility of the medical quality management institutions; clinical departments and pharmacy, nursing and medical technology department is mainly responsible for the first responsibility of medical quality management in the department. A medical institution shall set up a special department of medical quality management, which is responsible for the medical quality management of the institution. Two or more hospitals, maternal and child health hospital and specialist disease control institutions shall set up medical quality management committee, responsible for the organization to carry out the medical quality monitoring and early warning, analysis, assessment, evaluation and feedback, regularly publish information the quality management mechanism etc.. A medical institution shall establish medical security and risk management system, improve the medical safety management work system, emergency plan and work flow, strengthening the safety and risk management of medical quality in key sectors and key links, the implementation of patient safety goals. At the same time, the use of medical liability insurance相关的主题文章: