Nose collapse on the move It’s just a high skill! (video) midd-885

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Nose collapse on the move? It’s just a high skill! For girls, it is a small change. For example, the recent high skill queen show on micro-blog. A few days ago, the Korean actress who became a cosmetic sequelae. To give a fixed frame feature: South Korean actress cosmetic failure to know the nose is too horrible to look at aunt PigHead features the most obvious position inside the smaller female star nose high point will be found immediately, and this direct collapse! Coupled with the South Korean female group of this iconic features, many users began to doubt the actress’s nose. Now the queen a sun shine, many people shouting cosmetic users have a vague face is really the feeling of pain…… Although the queen strong white wash, but there may be a majority of people want to know why their nose pinch will collapse, I pinch to his choking no collapse. In fact, the alar thin alar cartilage special relaxation is the most prone to nose collapse phenomenon, but because people had nose prosthesis and scar tissue are excellent, but not so easy to collapse. Overall, the nose does not collapse collapse can not as a means to test the whole not cosmetic, it can only determine your nose is too thin or too thick. Although the nose collapse of this thing is just a oolong, but I believe that many girls aware of the nose is the most dangerous inside the facial features. Why want to secretly cosmetic actress, map is not a "silent beauty", nose so dangerous position is simply too easy to expose what, instead of braving the ridicule: "secretly also pretend to really cosmetic beauty, learn make-up, at least you can boast a diligent to learn makeup skills. For example, now this small tool, a trumpet large not the same specifications, on the inside of the nose can play a role in frame high nose. Although the effect looks good, but to tell the truth, not all people can accept their own nose inside the feeling of foreign body. In addition to rely on any kinds of gadgets Dafa! Different types of nose also have different rules of the shadow, specifically how to play the role of the nose can refer to these nasal type. Of course, you can not remember the shadow figure you can repair a perfect nose, but also need to have some details to pay attention to. For example, high light and shadow you know how to play, do you know where to play? Obviously, the light can’t be seen. Xiao Bian here to give you a simple positioning skills, your nose width should be equal to the width of your eyebrows, so you can easily locate the position and width of the nose high light. As for the handshaken star, you can use a fork: fork on the nose, ensure on both sides of the two slits just posted on both sides of the nose. Brush dipped bronzing powder on the side of the slot, the brush. The line is straight! Similarly, the other side of the bridge in the gap painted cover. You can see the lines on both sides. What is the gap between the middle of it? Of course, the brush is too high, the brush is very good after the line of light and shade! Use a brush to brush down the shadows and let the color over nature. With friends a skilled can also use the beauty of egg powder picks up a little dizzy catch, is to make the color over the natural, remove the lines! The tip of the nose wheel相关的主题文章: