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Network supervision about car information interaction platform to start trial operation by China Sohu automobile traffic information center of construction of network supervision about car information interaction platform, smoothly through the space that software testing technology (Beijing) limited liability company third party software evaluation, evaluation results to identify the function of the platform and performance have reached the design requirements. With the network about the car platform company, provincial regulatory platform docking and data sharing capabilities, and start the test run. Network supervision about car information interaction platform to start trial operation according to the Chinese traffic news network October 25th news, through the evaluation according to the "Office of the State Council on deepening the reform of the taxi industry to promote the healthy development of guidance" and "network booking taxi management service management Interim Measures" after the introduction, to encourage the development of innovation in the industry standard, convenient network about the car platform for enterprises to accept the supervision and enhance the city city regulatory capacity, to better meet people’s demand for travel, transportation department attaches great importance to network supervision about the car information exchange platform construction work, taken a number of measures to promote the construction of the platform. In accordance with the unified arrangements of the Ministry of Chinese arrangement, the traffic information center at the beginning of July to carry out network supervision about the car information exchange platform construction work, and has carried out several research, to ensure that the "November 1st Interim Measures" online booking taxi business service management platform to meet after the commencement of each city on the net about supervision of cross-border car needs. In October 22nd, Party Secretary of the Ministry of transport Yang Chuantang to Chinese traffic information center research field to understand the network about the car supervision information exchange platform construction and test run, to listen to the work report, and inspected the scene actual operation platform system demonstration. Yang Chuantang fully affirmed the achievements achieved by the platform construction. He pointed out that the current platform to meet the basic needs of management departments to perform their duties according to law, but also create the conditions for the network about the car platform companies landing in the city, is an important means to deepen the reform of the taxi industry, in-depth implementation of standardized network about cars and development of the work, is create a good environment for the development of technical support for market supervision and the whole process of new formats. Yang Chuantang stressed that the implementation of "to seize the favorable opportunity Internet plus" action, adhere to the problem oriented, goal oriented, fully consider the industry regulatory requirements, through the network about vehicle monitoring information exchange platform construction, realize the management and network industry about the car enterprise information systems interoperability and data exchange and sharing, in doing business supervision at the same time, to provide better services for the enterprise platform. Network booking taxi service management Interim Measures will be formally implemented, the supporting operating rules are also introduced. Yang Chuantang stressed that as soon as possible to promote docking network interaction platform about regulatory information platform, network supervision and car provinces about the car platform company and the FBI test for management departments at all levels of industry regulatory changes, innovative means of supervision, implementation of scientific decision-making, supervision of fine and accurate service to provide support and protection. (Editor: Wu Juqiang)相关的主题文章: