National win 4 games still have the opportunity to qualify in the Syrian war pressure generally abno yvette yates

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The Orangemen won 4 games still have a chance to qualify in the Syrian war pressure roughly the Orangemen still have hope in this month 6 days, the Orangemen in the former Xi’an blessed a ball team lost to Syria, though a look bad enough sound, between before the accumulation of confidence seems to collapse overnight. 12 games played three rounds, the country will be in 2018 with the Russian World Cup in advance to say goodbye? Certainly not! Look bad country foot too early round of 12 were divided into two groups, each group of 6 teams, take away the main way to catch on the athletic field, time span of one year, in September 1st of this year from the start to the end of September 5th next year, the team will play 10 games. Two of the top two teams qualify for the 2018 World Cup finals in russia. The two group of third will be in October 5th next year and 10, 10, a round of two match, the two round will result in dominant team in November 6th and November 14th, and in North America for a finals tickets, and has identified the AFC team will be the first emperor off. In other words, the Chinese team to enter the World Cup finals in Russia, to direct promotion, we must strive to get the top two teams. Currently, the Chinese team in the group, Iran and South Korea with 7 points, occupy the top two. China is too difficult to catch up with, but it is not impossible, after all, there are 12 matches in the top 7 games, there are too many variables. If the national team did not enter the top two teams, to get the third, still retains the hope of entering the world cup. Currently, ranked third in the Uzbekistan team, product of 6 points. In the integral is larger, the Orangemen and the gap to third, but as long as 11 this month, the Orangemen can beat the Uzbekistan team on the road, the Orangemen will score up to 4 points, and Uzbekistan difference is reduced to 2 points, the Orangemen hope of promotion will be increased. Therefore, it is not enough to say that the country, but also for fashion early. Off 12 of the race has just started, the Orangemen still have the opportunity to comeback. Not only is the national foot, the top 12 teams in any of the top ranked team, have the possibility to laugh to the end of the two. But for now the country foot, or an attitude adjustment problem, before the war in Syria, the Orangemen have too much expectation, too much pressure, resulting in the game, from the coach to the players to play, they worry about personal gains and losses can not relax. After the war in Syria, the country has been looked bad, but also conducive to restore confidence in the country. In fact, in the 12 season, this country belongs to the team, not to give them too high goals. But in the top 12 teams, even regarded as the underdog, not fragile, cannot withstand a single blow. In the same group are the heel of any opponent is a spell. Win 4 games will have the opportunity to qualify perhaps some people think, still on the foot of the country’s hopes of a promising perspective, is a blind optimism. After all, before the top 12 after three rounds, the more backward, and chase up easier said than done! So, we do a lot of reading according to the historical data, the conclusion is from the past few Asian World Cup 10 match situation, qualifying conditions did not imagine so demanding. 2014 World Cup in Brazil相关的主题文章: