National Day holiday in Daqing, the popular tourist routes to work fake

The National Day holiday in Daqing a popular tourist route price office workers to fight fake play original title: family travel popular at home and abroad, the same heat, workers fight false travel hot line price eleven day holiday approaching, people waiting for the best time to travel for a long time, finally coming. Although the day of the holiday is coming, the office workers have made arrangements for the trip. September 28th, the reporter visited a number of travel agencies in the city, to learn some of the travel information, hoping to go out for the public to provide some reference. Family travel welcomed the reporter learned that the national domestic tourism market, the phenomenon of family travel will be very common, among them, the elderly or children with passenger travel home, compared with last year there was a substantial increase. I have finished the group, starting in the evening of September 30th, with parents and children to play in Hunan, Zhangjiajie." Mr. Sun said the public. In October in the north, has the wind howling, many people want to go to the island is warm, enjoy the sunshine, beaches, coconut beauty, and many Southeast Asian tropical island, has become a popular destination for people. A travel agency staff said, because the office workers usually busy work, pressure, many people want to take advantage of the holiday to relax. Because the Mid Autumn Festival holiday time is short, too late to go abroad, so many people travel time set in the eleven holiday period. "The usual work no time to enjoy, bustling about, so many workers, we are here to consult what kind of shopping tourism products less, more comfortable." A travel agency staff told reporters that the recent consultation to Thailand, Bali Island, especially for the majority of Phuket Island. Domestic and foreign as hot to go abroad, it is in the country around. According to reports, Sanya, Beijing, Xiamen, Shanghai, Lijiang, Guilin, Chengdu, Chongqing, Dali, this year’s National Day holiday is a popular destination for domestic travel. During the national day, Beijing, Xi’an, Dunhuang, Hulun Buir prairie and other places, but also people’s favorite destination. When it is on an invigorating autumn climate, autumn season. Shanghai Disney Park, Zhuhai Changlong ocean Kingdom, Guangzhou Mount Huangshan scenic area, long wild zoo, Beihai Weizhou Island, Daocheng Aden, Chengdu research base of giant panda breeding, Jiuzhaigou, Zhangjiajie national Forest Park, popular attractions is the National Day golden week people choose to travel to. Hot line high prices are ready to travel to Mr. Li told reporters that he is a very early entry to Phuket Island, just a few days ago, he heard that goes to Phuket Island, prices have gone up a lot in contrast, he saved a lot of money. Reporters learned that the Phuket Island tour with the group, in August and now compared to at least one thousand yuan difference. The same island, why rose so much between a month? A travel agency, a staff member said that this is mainly due to the overall increase in the price of local travel agencies Phuket Island. Subsequently, the reporter consulted a number of travel agencies in the city, are getting a lot of Southeast Asian tourism line products are in the news of the price. Asked why, are said to be the overall price, not the travel agency’s own behavior. According to Yu相关的主题文章: