Mother and daughter to buy ribs low price, said the customer is God, traders were forced to alarm

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Mother and daughter at price to buy pork called "customer is God" traders were forced to alarm – Beijing, the original title: mother and daughter at price to buy pork traders were forced to alarm Daily reporter daqchem Chongqing Daily News said that the customer is God, but if the customer demands too much, believe that the business is also very helpless. Recently, in the city of Jiulongpo Yuzhou trading, traders to sell the retail price of 22 yuan catty of pork, they encounter a pair of mother and daughter to the price of 20 yuan to buy. In desperation, traders had to call for help. Traders in case of stubborn customers helpless alarm customer is God, I said 20 on the 20!" In the morning of August 28th, Jiulongpo City Yuzhou trading trading market, two women in a pork stalls, with traders shouting, attracted many passers-by onlookers. The police rushed to the scene to understand that, originally, Ms. Zhu and two people to go to the market, go to the booth before, see merchants are at 20 yuan catty price, a large number of ribs sold to a customer. Such as Ms. Zhu Niangliang selected ribs when weighing, traders are informed 22 yuan jin. Mother and daughter, this is not willing to, and require traders in accordance with the large customers before the 20 yuan to sell the unit price. Traders said the purchase amount is 20 yuan per catty, retail is 22 yuan catty. This annoyed Ms. Zhu Niangliang, so the two sides had a heated argument. Ms. Zhu Niangliang said today to buy the traders by 20 yuan catty ribs can not. Encountered such contests customers, traders helpless, finally chose the alarm. Police understand the situation, the first is patience appease the mood, then the police told Ms. Zhu, although traders initially did not clear the retail price of 22 yuan a catty, but as long as the turnover of goods before, the parties shall have the right to change the decision. However, Ms. Zhu emotional particularly excited, and even said not to sell 20 pounds, she has been in front of this stall, so that the other party can not do business, anyway, have their own time. The coordination of the police after each 1 yuan to see such dedication of the buyers, the police are helpless, persuaded the traders get out of step out, but the traders also grievances, said Ms. Zhu picked the best ribs, the whole market is the market in pounds by 22 yuan to sell, they sell 20 yuan Jin at a loss, but there is no buyers price. See the two sides deadlocked, the police will be worn out mouth both sides back to the police station mediation. After more than 1 hours of coordination, the two sides eventually agreed to let each step, the price of 21 pounds of pork chops.相关的主题文章: