Monday competes 009 analysis no desire for Orebro anti cold flat winpm

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On Monday 009 SMG analysis: Wuyuwuqiu Orebro anti cold flat Monday Orebro VS Evre 2016-09-27 01:00 009 Ruichao location: Sweden – Orebro weather: 14 degrees cloudy status of Orebro: Orebro in the week in the away game against Goteborg, the recent 2 wins, 2 unbeaten trend end, the team with 10 wins, 5 draws and 8 defeats the result is listed as seventh in the table, in the title hopeless relegation worries in the state, but overall, Orebro this season’s home court play or trustworthy, the team the last 10 League home court win 5 score of 3 flat 2 negative, during the League were lost to Malmo and Solna, in the face of home court in the middle and lower reaches the team, Orebro is usually able to show their competitiveness, coupled with the recent 6 times and played Evre 4 wins 2 flat unbeaten, out of the home court Hit, the team naturally is the pursuit of lottery object. Evre Evre: the recent status of poor state, in the week in the home court against Jonkoping, the team the last 6 games 3 flat 3 negative without a win, ranking fell to second from bottom in the table, the echelon situation is very serious, from the data, the main problem is to attack Evre’s eyes, the team the last 6 League there are 3 games zero closure opponents were, and Evre this season road force is very weak, so far 11 League 2 wins 1 flat 8 negative, averaging up to 2, plus the main defender Paulding last weekend accidentally injured, the game Evre wants to get rid of the decline is difficult. One track: two teams last six clash race record, Orebro 4 wins, 2 unbeaten. Game Analysis: SMG Shengping Fu played out 1.37-4.30-6.00 SP, given the confidence, the recent Orebro state is stable, compared with Evre occupies obvious advantage, the disc to the Lord let a ball ball half the high water starting data belongs to a reasonable scope, the note after the plate water level continued to rise, many companies become disk main let a ball pattern, completely dominant in the fundamentals of the situation, it should reflect the real is the home team get the ball to the game, beware of the cold air is good, SMG Shengping Fu played that let the ball Shengping check, play the main let a ball under the condition of single negative blogger. Is expected to debut: Orebro: Om Barker, Moberg, Li, Val Jadson, Blomqvist, Nord, Mark, Jackie, Qi, Gustafsson, Semir, Aidalei Vicky Home Berg Jef Le: heidvall, Boerting, Floren, Rosenberg, Nelson, Ron Harris, and Bertil Sen of Taranto, Scola, Oremo Bonsu, cloth

周一竞彩009分析:无欲无求 厄勒布鲁防冷平周一009 瑞超 厄勒布鲁VS耶夫勒 2016-09-27 01:00 地点:瑞典-厄勒布鲁 天气:14度 多云 厄勒布鲁近况: 厄勒布鲁周中在客场不敌哥德堡,近期2胜2平的不败走势被终结,目前球队以10胜5平8负的成绩暂列积分榜第7位,处于争冠无望保级无忧的状态中,但是整体来看,厄勒布鲁本赛季的主场发挥还是值得信赖,球队最近10个联赛主场取得5胜3平2负的成绩,期间输球的场次分别是负于马尔默和索尔纳,主场面对中下游球队时,厄勒布鲁通常还是能够展现出自己的竞争力,再加上最近6次和耶夫勒交手4胜2平未尝败绩,此番主场出击,球队自然是彩民的追捧对象。 耶夫勒近况: 耶夫勒近期状态欠佳,周中在主场不敌延雪平后,球队最近6轮联赛3平3负无一胜绩,排名跌落至积分榜倒数第二位,保级形势十分严峻,从数据上来看,进攻乏力是耶夫勒眼前的主要问题,球队最近6轮联赛有3场遭到对手零封,另外耶夫勒本赛季的客场战力十分疲软,至今11个联赛客场2胜1平8负,场均失球达到2个,再加上主力后卫波尔丁上周末不慎受伤,本场比赛耶夫勒想要摆脱颓势难度较大。 交锋往绩: 两队最近六次正式比赛交锋记录,厄勒布鲁4胜2平保持不败。 比赛分析: 竞彩胜平负玩法开出1.37-4.30-6.00的SP组合,给予了主队十足信心,厄勒布鲁近期状态平稳,和耶夫勒相比占据明显优势,亚盘以主让一球 球半中高水起步,数据属于合理范畴,受注后上盘水位持续走高,多家公司变盘主让一球格局,在主队基本面完全占优的情况下,此举应属主队让球无力的真实体现,本场比赛谨防冷平较好,竞彩胜平负玩法建议复选胜平,让球玩法主让一球的条件下,可以单博主负。 预计首发: 厄勒布鲁:里内、奥姆巴克、莫伯格、瓦尔加德森、布罗姆奎斯特、诺德马克、杰基齐、森马、埃达雷维奇、古斯塔森、霍姆博格 耶夫勒:海德瓦尔、博尔汀、弗洛伦、罗森博格、朗斯、尼尔森、兰托、贝蒂尔森、斯克拉布、邦苏、奥雷莫相关的主题文章: