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Mobile phone real name registration stumped a lot of elderly people — Society — original title: mobile phone real name registration stumped a lot of people since July this year, Beijing mobile, Beijing Unicom, Beijing Telecom three operators jointly issued "on the further implementation of the true identity of the phone user information registration provisions of the notice". Notice that there is no registration of the real identity information or identity information is not complete registration of users, according to the law of its phone number for the registration of real name information. As of October 15, 2016, the phone number has not yet the real name system, will be suspended communications services. Now, the above work has entered a crucial stage, from the middle of this month’s "stop time" in less than a week. The reporter found that although operators after the opening of the official website of WeChat APP mobile phone registration, registration, registration, registration and other public convenience channels, but there are a small number of elderly users will not be online, or by the mobile phone function limit, only through the "original" — Take ID card, to the operating room to register. Some of these old customers walking, travel difficult, if they do not register on time, after the mobile phone how to use? The old man is difficult to encounter: on-site registration of Mr Ma’s father nearly eight years late, suffering from hemiplegia, to take care of daily living. Regardless of the old man to the hospital registration, or to the bank to pay, must be the child agent to complete. As for the mobile phone number real name registration, will naturally become a child since the beginning of things". The "eleven" period, Mr. Ma to Henan for a business hall, his mobile phone number registration, the staff told him: "mobile phone real name system is not the agency by others." The look of the site to the formalities of children puzzled: "don’t let the old man in a wheelchair to go?" We feel more and more difficult, also feel that "be beneath the human character". In this regard, the staff gives a flexible approach". She said that if the elderly can not personally registered, his number can be registered in the name of their children. Mr. Ma also wonder, "so, I registered under the name of a number, do not lose the" real name system "meaning?" Ask: whether "agents" is not a reporter yesterday, Chaoyang Road in the vicinity of caimanjie, visited the Department of business operators three. China Unicom, said the staff, the phone real name registration requirements strictly, can not be represented by others. However, if the main inconvenience to the scene, the number can be registered under the name of the agent. In other words, is the number into the agent, but the original owner can actually use". Then, the agent with the main mobile phone and their identity card, according to the staff, said the number four calling the recent record, you can complete the registration work. China Telecom staff told reporters that the mobile phone real name system can not be represented by others. In the process, the staff to verify the card information. If the card information is not registered, the owner must be registered. If the card information is comprehensive, the card can be registered under the name of the agent. In addition, if the number does not transfer records, agent need not say the number calling the recent record. Different from the above two operators, China Mobile staff told reporters相关的主题文章: