Millet new machine appeared MIIT flat screen millet note 2 Sohu digital-660003

Millet new machine appeared MIIT: flat screen millet Note 2? Sohu has just released a new version of the millet Note 2 main hyperbolic design, which has become the first mobile phone before and after 3D. But perhaps because of factors such as productivity, millet Note 2 is still a hard to find, take the wave type on sale. Recently, the Ministry has a model for millet 2015213 mobile phone models, in addition to the continuation of the hyperbolic plane 2015211, the back element layout is completely consistent, so we have reason to believe that this is a straight or flat screen version of millet Note 2. However, unlike the Samsung S series size display screen design, specifications, direct screen Note 2 is still 5.7 inches 1080P display, battery 4070mAh, 156.2× measurements; 77.3× 7.6mm does not change, the data may be wrong, really strange. Other configuration, still see a snapdragon 821, 6G RAM, 128GB ROM etc.. At present, the price of millet Note 2 hyperboloid is $2799, how to get straight screen also cheap 500 yuan, up from $2299? Left: 2015213 right: 2015211 (same below)相关的主题文章: