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Middle school students of Hebei brewing extermination massacre mad poke more than 60 knife killed 1 family of 3 original title: Hebei Chengde daughter: a middle school student killed more than and 60 details of a knife to kill three people figure Beijing time my brother in one family were killed, the family has not to apologize too much!" About two weeks ago the daughter of darkness, who lives in Hebei Chengde County Zhang Weiguo feel suffocated in the heart. The evening of November 2nd, the Chengde County Park waterfront district occurred in the tragic murder, Zhang Weiguo’s brother and sister, 6 year old nephew were killed. In November 7th, the Chengde Municipal Public Security Bureau issued notification, the suspects were arrested, "the case for the robbery and murder case, a suspect of crime people, local, family of three killed, stole some property." Informed that after the incident, the suspect accompanied by their parents to the police station to xiabancheng. Zhang Weiguo learned from the police, the suspect is a 16 year old high school students. He was shocked, unable to understand, a minor child why so cruel. Zhang Weiguo told the "Beijing times" (micro signal: btime007), a brother killed tragic scene, brother remains after being rushed to the hospital, the doctor found more than 60 knife. In addition, a 6 year old nephew’s finger was cut off a few day. He said, "brother of a victim, the suspect’s family has never seen the comfort, not to mention the initiative to undertake the funeral expenses, the body has parked in the hospital morgue not buried." The store is located in Chengde County, the daughter of the Waterfront New Garden district. Zhang Weiguo said, No. 7 "Zi Qi shop" is the younger brother of Zhang Weihong a convenience store. The store is located in a layer from the garage renovation, communicated with the back of a house, two floors of shops is the thermocline. The police have cordoned off at the south gate and North Gate shop. Zhang Weiguo told the "Beijing time", the first brother shop in north room selling breakfast for two years, almost every morning will share. Usually, many residents are accustomed to eating breakfast here. The morning of November 3rd, residents have found that breakfast shop no Chutan, and outside the cement road was filled with bloody footprints. The police rushed to the alarm and quickly cordoned off the scene. Zhang Weiguo said, he rushed to the scene, found his wife Li Yanxiang down in a pool of blood. He hurried to call his brother Zhang Weihong, show off. Police entered the two floor bedroom, also found no trace of Zhang Weihong and children. Some residents speculated Zhang Weihong and his wife feeling bad, will the children after the flight? The police in order to expand the scope of the investigation, Zhang Weiguo led the police to his maiden trip in Longhua county. Close to noon, Zhang Weiguo suddenly received a notice to let go, his brother and two children have been found. I asked the police where to find?" Two floor!" Originally, the murderer will host and tobacco box child’s corpse hidden in the bedroom piled up behind. See Zhang Weiguo, brother and nephew was cut across. He told the "Beijing time", brother’s body was sent to the hospital for surgery, the doctor checked a total of more than 60 at the edge of the body, only Jun相关的主题文章: