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The domestic and overseas version of Benz denied new material inconsistent — car — original title: domestic and overseas version of the new Mercedes Benz denied inconsistent domestic timber in August 22nd, a new generation of Mercedes Benz E long wheelbase version officially listed in china. The models listed let BMW and other large and medium sized luxury car market once again usher in a rival, but "non red car" in the Mercedes Benz models listed second days later, there was news that the domestic Benz E long wheelbase version of the car body material and overseas version is different. In this regard, Beijing Benz responsible person in an interview with reporters, the "Securities Daily", denied the new generation E class car of domestic and overseas version of the materials used are not consistent, and said, "the domestic E class car and body in the rest of the world market sales of the E class car adopts steel aluminum hybrid material. Because the domestic long wheelbase E body structure and the overseas market, and its configuration is higher than the level of overseas standard and the standard wheelbase automatic gearbox, which is higher than the overseas standard wheelbase in service quality." Will change the old money sales dismal situation? In spite of a small storm, Benz of the models is full of expectations, Beijing Mercedes – Benz sales and Service Co. president and CEO Ni Kai said in an interview that this car will help Benz introduced to achieve better performance in their market segments, will also have some impact on the sales structure. Over the years, the Mercedes E class car is Beijing Benz ineffable pain, which sold only with Dan BMW 5 series, Audi A6L fraction". The listing of the domestic new generation of Benz E level long wheelbase version of the price to 499 thousand and 800 yuan to 436 thousand and 800 yuan, the price compared to other brands of the same level models slightly higher. However, in the eyes of Ni Kai, E class car is the core of the Mercedes Benz brand products, most of the purchase or the E class car market segments consumers are the backbone of China society, "people when buying a car is not just buy an item, and bought the quality, even is a kind of spiritual resonance, rather than a means of transport." Does not change the existing structure of the sales performance of several years, it said, the current Mercedes Benz has built about 500 dealers covering the country’s more than and 200 City, with the Mercedes Benz products continue to launch, such as the 2013 listing of grade S, grade C listed in 2014, and after the investment market GLA SUV, GLC SUV and the to promote the localization models of Mercedes Benz, imported cars, including GLE SUV, GLS SUV and other products are also a good performance with benz. As with domestic new generation E class car market will change the existing sales territory, Kai Ni said, now on the market of SUV car demand continues to rise, Benz SUV models also achieved good performance, also in the sales territory has a stable proportion. Therefore, it believes that E class car will not completely subvert the existing sales structure. "In the large and medium-sized luxury car market, E class car market is the largest, we hope to have a better performance in this market segment, but this needs us相关的主题文章: