Men indulge in the game to spend the money of the mother afraid to find actually hit dizzy

A man obsessed with the game spend money   mom; afraid that hit dizzy — game original title: man addicted to the game spend money if mom had hit dizzy his Longgang Buji man addicted to online games, 4000 yuan a month time squandered its mother’s bank card, for fear of the mother found actually, the stick knocked dizzy, homing absurd farce of robbery, did not think the police will soon expose fraud, according to the law of its administrative detention. 19:30 on August 28th Xu, Longgang Public Security Bureau police station received water Wu police said: in the vicinity of Longgang District Buji Street garden was stopped by 3 men, with a stick and knocked away after the 4000 yuan in cash. After the alarm, the police rushed to the scene of visits to the investigation, and organized patrols to search around. When the police asked the case to Wu, Wu found the head was injured for a bump, which is also called three men with a beer bottle wounded. Wu was feeling very calm, but for the case described before and after a police suspicious mind. And Wu has repeatedly comforted at the side of the mother, said he had nothing to do, so that the police can register on it, do not bother the police investigation. According to Wu’s abnormal performance, the police immediately and obtain what it called the scene surrounding the video, and carefully check, ruled out the existence of robbery alarm, according to the alleged false alarm Wu summoned to the police station for further investigation. Wu confessed that he did report a false alarm. Ironically, false alarm reason was his last year playing "Fantasy Westward Journey" online games, in order to upgrade as soon as possible to buy equipment, last month to spend 4000 yuan out of his mother’s Bank card. Because he has no source of income, for fear of being found by his mother, he fabricated a robbery of 4000 yuan false alarm. At present, Wu alarm because of lies, has been sentenced to administrative detention for 5 days. (commissioning editor Dong Sirui and Bi Lei)相关的主题文章: