Mekong action national day fire in the East the case is far more brutal than the

"The Mekong River National Action": the case of fire on the east than the movie cruel – Beijing movie "action" is the Mekong River during the National Day this year, the film gangster movie action. This from Beijing Bona film group and Beijing Hua Ming Star Company and other companies jointly produced the gangster action movie, from September 30th since the release, has been touted by the audience. The evening of October 7th as of press time, the box office has exceeded 400 million, almost equal to 500 million. The film to thrilling plot and Hollywood style blockbuster style, won a large number of 80, 90 after the audience’s favorite, this year’s national day seven day long box office champion. The National Day holiday for sixth days, "the Mekong River action" produced in the winter and another partner of Beijing Hua Ming Star Company, Peng Benping Liu Liming, made a special trip from Beijing to Chengdu for the Chengdu audience, and accepted the WCC reporter’s exclusive interview?. Tells the story of his and his team’s film "the Mekong River.". The actual case is far more brutal than the film, Yu Dong said, the real case of the Mekong River, far more brutal than the film we made. He said that in the actual case, the people’s police arrested the Kang Kang very difficult. And the film is much simpler. In order to take a new course and reason and director but more attention to the incident, but the police captured four waxy Kang, a wonderful show. Yu Dong said, the film can only be resolved within 120 minutes, the story finished. Many thrilling true case in the plot, there is no expansion. In winter also to the WCC reporter revealed, the film adaptation rights, is actually from the China Film Group "Boehner grabbed the hands". More accurate argument, in fact, the final bid to win. "We this time behind the scheme, it is the" 10? 5 Mekong Project Team Leader Liu Yuejin case ". After that, Liu Yuejin has become the general counsel of the film. King Zhang Hanyu Eddie Peng winter training bodyguard said in an interview, the film from the point since, was "highly Mekong 10.5 case" project team leader Liu Yuejin, the front-line police officers. They agreed that the film will be the whole case complicated detection process, thrilling duel of life and death, and the Golden Triangle area show vivid local customs and practices. Yu said the secret, the movie for more than two years, taking time for months, and their most diligent movie. In the shooting, in the face of heavy body armor and grenades, even Zhang Hanyu the tough guy actor also is groaning. However, Lin Chaoxian is known as "the devil’s director", in order to let the actors have excellent performance, specially invited the king’s bodyguard to train actors, can say "tiger" Zhang Hanyu, even Eddie Peng from the flower is a muscle training in chinese. The fact that these efforts were not in vain, between the role of behavior, do show a hardened soldier. Sichuan producer: the director is the firearms expert Liu Liming as the film industry in Beijing for many years of struggle of the people of Sichuan, said: "the secret" as the Mekong River action "three point hit a secret, is adapted from the real case, the real power is. Two is "the Mekong River action" the script script this lake相关的主题文章: