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Martha Lahti Denker double limit eleven super luxury courtesy courtesy of   Ghibli   SUV car supply limited special offer;   enjoy the day time: 11.1-11.11 theme: enjoy Maserti, as in the two contents: Ghibli   SUV car supply limited special offer;   luxury courtesy   enjoy the day Shenzhen Jia Chun 0755-23987722 once a year the double 11 to ride luxury triggered at any moment remember the first time you saw the Trident impression? Bestial roar wave hit your heart back after see also clever than flying posture now since 11.1, Martha Lahti has limited special offer luxury courtesy! Martha Lahti SUV Levante limited for     from the Mediterranean to the name of a blast of wind, a trend which cannot be halted easy to conquer Ghibli sports car Martha Lahti various road Limited special offer     inheritance of Italian style by smooth lines and dynamic appearance interpretation movement belief the new Quattroporte sedan first pre-sale     the extraordinary performance of new luxury interior meticulous open customized new president show charm fashion taste of hundred years of Martha Lahti’s experience, its surging power and excellent maneuverability! Feel from Italy pass to your elegant life style! Discover infinite passion hidden deep inside you, enjoy the poetic life! A global double 11 Carnival time courtesy Shenzhen Jia Chun is about to begin! For luxury courtesy enjoy 11 days * now by Phoenix car Martha Lahti SUV & to schedule a test drive; Ghibli customers can obtain Martha Lahti gift;   time: November 1, 2016 -11,   0755-23987722:   please call activities address: Shenzhen City, Futian District Shennan Road, the first floor IFC No. L1-32 (Shenzhen Martha Lahti Denker line)   application conditions: 1, effective 2 years driving license in China;             2, casual shoes, do not drink before the activity;             3, the vehicle is not equipped with a child seat, so the children can not participate in the test ride experience;                 Martha Lahti;   authorized dealer group is the first in Guangdong province in Shenzhen official Martha Lahti Denker group, a global brand automobile agency for nearly 40 years experience, has opened the Martha Lahti 4S center in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen. Denker Denker group’s Shenzhen bank based in Shenzhen, radiation Pearl River Delta, has nine years of Mashala:相关的主题文章: