Man in the field to hide in the car stolen drugs were picked mushrooms reported-freelander2

The man in the field to hide in the car to steal drugs by mushroom were reported in Northeast news network October 14th thought in the field will not be found, secretly taking drugs sitting in the car, the results still did not escape the eyes of the masses. Recently, Wu County Public Security Bureau police station was sentenced to five days of detention because of drug abuse by the police in Gannan. In October 2nd, in the sound of Gannan river reservoir near the woods, parked a white car. A mushroom picking by the masses, found the car door open, a man secretly in the car to suck the goods. She felt the man abnormal behavior, immediately after returning home to reflect the second police station. Received a public report, the police immediately went to the scene to investigate, retrieved near the monitor, police found the vision of a car license plate number into the black BF0XX18. So the police take the car to find people. By checking the vehicle information, found the owner of Wu, who lives in a small city. To find out exactly what, after visiting the investigation, and ultimately determine the car parking position. When Wu Mouzheng ready to drive to travel, was waiting for the police arrested on the spot. After testing, Wu urine positive. According to Wu explained, in October 2nd, he bought two grams of ice in the field, even in urban areas taking people to be found, the portable drugs drove to the Gannan County Yinhe Reservoir secluded, secretly smoking with homemade drug use tools in the wild, unexpectedly is a mushroom people found after the alarm, ultimately did not escape the punishment of the law. (Geng Fanxiu Xu Zhengbin Zhao Le) source: Northeast network editor: SN117 Kun Qu相关的主题文章: