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Mai Kuraki concert tour ShangHai Railway Station Guangzhou Railway Station will be staged with Mai Kuraki 2016 "Time after time" concert in Shanghai field ended smoothly, this tour is very optimistic about the activities of the public. Mai Kuraki, as always, to play a stable, on the stage to bring a lot of classic songs. ShangHai Railway Station ready to perform a lot of surprises for fans, the stage is arranged after the end of the show, magnificent, bright scene layout on stage lighting fans praised the linen feel, so that we fully see the Mai Kuraki team of dedicated and meticulous. Touching is that day concert scene cheers constantly, there are a lot of fans with video recording the goddess every moment. How many people have grown up listening to Mai Kuraki’s songs? How many people learn the meaning of love because of Mai Kuraki’s songs? This is probably a generation of idols passed to people’s warm values. Mai Kuraki is the fans in the eyes of the sister, she has the talent and wisdom and calm, even the attention stage layout, still could not stop the linen I pale as chrysanthemum light sauce. Fans think this is a kind of happiness. See the ShangHai Railway Station performances so wonderful, we look forward to the September 17th Guangzhou Zhongshan Memorial Hall performances, I do not know how the concert will bring you a wonderful experience? The Wu culture dissemination limited company also prepared a series of gift for everyone, whether you want to get the prize it, can participate in the activities of extraction platform, so much time waiting for you to join the grand prix. In fact, Mai Kuraki in the warm side, in her life there is a naive, passionate character, in its recently published in social media, she also recorded a video for the concert propaganda video to help out, in a black and white T-shirt a linen sauce simple, casual hair, looks handsome and see the video after a lot of fans in the background of a message praised. Mai Kuraki love drinking audience share music spirit, hope everyone can find the direction of life in his songs, whether it is simple in social media communication or in concert in the domineering concert, this is a good interaction and communication career for her, Mai Kuraki in September 17th 2016 "Time after time" the concert is going to come to Guangzhou! The Wu Culture Communication Co. Ltd and complex cultural entertainment company to remind you not to miss more wonderful oh!相关的主题文章: