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Ma Yun beware! Ma Huateng support Tencent cloud is accelerating the approximation technology of Sohu Wuzhen internet conference attracted a lot of attention of the industry, in fact, these two days there is a big circle of Internet financial report: Tencent, Ma Huateng for this thing a day later to Wuzhen to bigwigs launched a red envelope. Ma Huateng’s late is worth it, the Tencent three quarter earnings is very brisk: total revenue reached 40 billion 388 million yuan, an increase of 52%, operating profit of 14 billion 460 million yuan, an increase of 40%. Tencent mass is large, this growth rate is the best in the giants. In addition to performance, there are many bright spots in the business level, WeChat MAU increased by 30% to reach $846 million, WeChat circle of advertisers doubled advertisers, online advertising revenue grew by 51%. There is a detail worth noting: Tencent payment services and cloud services revenue grew by 348%, with a total revenue of RMB 4 billion 964 million yuan. Ma Huateng said in the earnings release, "in the third quarter of 2016, in addition to the main business, including online payment ecosystem infrastructure services and cloud services, has made significant progress in coverage and utilization." In other words, in the context of Ma Huateng, Tencent cloud has paid with WeChat and QQ payment is equally important, is the basic ecosystem services". This is not the first time Ma Huateng Tencent cloud platform, held in Shenzhen in July, Tencent cloud + future summit, said Tencent’s future strategy will be upgraded to explore the cloud cloud ecology, to achieve full liberalization of the. The Tencent in June organized the "Internet plus summit", Ma Huateng is clear, cloud services, geographic information LBS, security and payment will be four major Tencent focus in future. Released 2015 earnings at the beginning of this year, revenue growth of 100% of the Tencent for the first time to enter the cloud earnings, Ma Huateng said it would continue to strengthen investment in cloud services, support the practice of partners in the field of "Internet plus". It is not difficult to find, since this year, Ma Huateng has been in public cloud computing "Guazaizuibian", as a Tencent at the helm, Ma Huateng repeatedly for the Tencent cloud platform, cloud computing in the territory of Tencent strategic importance needless to say. Of course, the Tencent investment is very large for cloud computing, this year’s "cloud + summit" in Shenzhen, Suzhou and Xi’an held a high-profile campaign, Tencent cloud advertising efforts is also great, with the Tencent before the relatively low-key products of different styles, the Tencent has taken cloud to fight the play, and was placed on new business with the Tencent also shows that payments tied to cloud computing, mobile payment is paid a surprise after WeChat Tencent to Ma Huateng. Why is Ma Huateng so focused on Cloud Computing? In many people, the cloud computing industry into a huge, but with respect to the game and advertising, cloud computing is not particularly good money, at least for Tencent is slow & small money". Why Tencent so obsessed with cloud computing? Companies are profit driven, and cloud computing is a good business, and Tencent has proved that it can do this business. Amazon AWS accounted for in the overall revenue has reached Amazon相关的主题文章: