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Low interest rate is not a good car? These vehicles are also practical personality grade! Pay attention to car sales list – Sohu friends will find in the compact car, Lavida and Hideo car is long occupied the front position, the monthly sales are easily more than 3.5W. These sales Wang on the road can be described as a grasp of a lot, selling cars, although there are desirable, but it is not without shortcomings. The car is in addition to transportation, but also show the carrier of your personal taste, do not want to follow you, can see the heat is not too high, the cost is very high in the car. FAW – Volkswagen Bora guidance price: 10.78-15.38 Yuan said the public love doll face, and finally came to the new Bora, in appearance brought a little fresh. A net with chrome trim, very capable, new headlights styling collocation LED lights with quite a small element, MAGOTAN "flavor. The side line is concise, straight line so that the body look more slender. As for the rear of the car, create new styles adopted "cutting V", and "e" type lamp is stylish and strong all blend into one harmonious whole, the overall sense of. The interior is still flat, and popular style, although the main material for hard plastic, but with models of wood trim and piano lacquer panels joined, also let the senior interior adds a lot of sense. The 5 inch screen equipped with a MIB infotainment system, the size is small, but the common multimedia features can be met. If you like the mass and professor of the interior style is recognized, Bora interior will not let you down. In addition to low, with Polaris with leather seats, is actually a perforated leather + velvet fabric form, permeability, skid resistance and support are very good, also very love this professor different material mix seat. As for the space, height 180cm experience has two legs and three fingers of the punch head space in the back, is already too cramped. Power, automatic power system models for 1.6L+6AT and 1.4T+7 speed dual clutch Polaris, maximum horsepower respectively is 110PS and 131PS, the 1.6L power is enough, and 6AT will be relatively smooth, but it is actually a bland, 1.4T models can bring more positive response at the same time, the popular DQ200 dual clutch the gearbox adjustment has been very mature, as long as you are not driving is fierce, almost feel frustrated. If you think the D block throttle really slow, the shift to S block that can be more enjoyable driving experience for you. The new Bora chassis is a continuation of the popular advantages of compact, solid, processing bump moves very simply, although the feedback way of sense, but these actions will not let the passengers off too much, on the other hand, the performance of the new Bora noise have also been upgraded, the overall tend to be more comfortable household car. The main competitors are summarized come out the same door Lavida, two cars are the same platform based on brother, power and manipulation is not very different, just slightly ahead of the Lavida configuration, but the actual number out of the thunder.相关的主题文章: