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LOLS6 finals team icon to open   1 order icon method — game original title: LOLS6 finals team icon opens the 1 Icon order upgrade method LOLS6 finals team icon open, you can use 1150 ticket price to buy 1 order clan icons, it also comes with a free temporary expression set the game. Some of the sales will be given directly to the clan. In addition, the hextech loot system, you can also use the materials of the 1 order icon upgraded to 2 order and 3 order. Let us explain in detail how it is carried out: 2016 finals team icon is divided into a total of 3 order, 1 order purchase team icon in the game store, and will upgrade the "champion medal". The 1 order 2 order upgrade requires 10 championship medal, the 2 order contains the new in-game icons look; 2 order 3 order upgrade requires 12 championship medal, 3 order in addition to the game icon expression, but also to unlock additional effects. There are 2 ways to get the medal of Honor: (1) you can use a price of $150 to buy a medal of honor at the end of each race day (before or after October). The medal order contains 2 medals. The date of sale champion medal as shown in the following table: 2 in 2016 October to buy "portal hextech loot" system, every purchase to transfer goalkeeper contains 3 winners medal. (please note that for the first time to enter the hextech system from the portal, and the S score for the portal, and in October 2016 before the purchase of the portal, will not contain champion medal). The following is the month hextech loot system open to buy time in addition to the finals team icon, 2016 finals icon can also upgrade to the 2 order (but not can be upgraded to 3 order) the overall activity continued to 23:59 in November 6th, more than this time, not all upgrade icon pieces, as well as the title medal, champion the medal will remove. * game player has won 2 pieces in order to upgrade purchase order 1 Corps icon, has released an emergency patch to repair the problem, and start the replacement process. All 2 pieces will be completed in order to upgrade within 3 working days (Reissue commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章: