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LOL anchor son accused of scheming bitch Namba Namba son micro-blog hard just the Monkey King – Sina hero alliance zone has recently been the audience most mentioned is to anchor the brisk performance in the South Star tournament on the anchor. A TV female anchor in south son because of the excellent performance of LOL platform, Leonardo dicaprio. In the game the South wave hit single use Russian Lloyd, Sun Wukong assisted battle panda, a carry. Panda TV to take advantage of the single time south son comeback, did not expect a big move south to an enemy four, also a successful anti kill; entertainment solo season, the first round of Dragon Ball wins, second round south son top resolutely, with Neptune Shindelar, Quin silk south tower without fear of children, killed in one fell swoop under the head, but before she had killed 1000 single small king. These make a lot of people are surrounded by powder. Yet two days, South Erque torn! And their own people, with the team on the single Sun Wukong! Sun Wukong accused the south son rob game position, then Sun Wukong fans have to Namba studio, called "micro-blog scheming bitch". It is roughly after, when the star anchor tournament, the national team was playing anchor Sun Wukong on the single, the South was forcibly grab the unit, let the monkey to assist Sun Wukong yesterday in the broadcast of the South child abuse. So a large number of fans to live with children and South micro-blog rhythm, for a time, yesterday praised south son uniform comments, the moment was "scheming bitch" filled. It is natural to the South’s ears, South in micro-blog just back. Last night, south son after the premiere, broadcast instantly tumbled, both fans of each other. Children also live in the south to clarify the position to say, said before the game that good entertainment game position can be deployed, and the scene is teammates talk. After this thing seems to influence also caused more and more serious, in which two people live by water once friends tumbled, and both sides of the fans also occurred in the fierce quarrel, what is more direct call is all too deep south. Perhaps aware of the seriousness of the situation, but after all, two belong to a platform, so Sun Wukong in the micro-blog first to own not calmly apologized, but south son also removed before the selection of micro-blog. But the fans can’t seem to stop, just stop each other. However, recent headlines frequently female anchor, first line game performance is not good to be questioned Kaka rank is playing, and then south son show success circle powder; then ups and downs has long "hit the door" ah Yi comeback, then the same day the South was labeled as a "scheming bitch" label. No wonder netizens said, distressed female anchor, playing the dish is playing, playing well but also to become a prostitute. To say this year, no generation of play and play at a high level of female anchor segment are very rare on their own, spectators don’t blindly with the rhythm. Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: