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Loading force over Apple’s Mate9 Porsche customized version will create a sales miracle – Sohu technology HUAWEI mate9 release, and Porsche Mate9 Custom Edition, in Europe, the price is 1395 euros. A Public opinion is seething with indignation. The price of mobile phones is still so small. Many people are wondering if it can be sold. I believe not only can sell, but also likely to create a HUAWEI mobile phone sales miracle. This mass of mobile phone consumer goods, sought after by the user is nothing more than two aspects, one is the function, one is forced grid. Apple is very popular, in addition to very powerful, very good use. Force is also a very important aspect. But Apple’s biggest problem, it has become a popular arcade. For high-end people, using it to show the grid may also have no effect. HUAWEI from the big brands, there is still a gap between her and apple. But this is a completely different integration of Porsche. If the function, Mate9 has been very strong. Smart phone’s three points, performance, endurance, photography. Mate9 and Leica have been beat apple, life is almost victory over apple. EMUI5.0 performance has been greatly improved, there is no big gap relative to apple. It can be said that the experience with Mate9 is more than iphone7. These high-end people, they are embarrassed to use Mate9. Because the force is not enough. But Mate9 has a customized version of Porsche, not only the classic design, function has improved. The most important thing is to force the grid has a great improvement. Use a iPhone7 how the streets are. It is a custom version of Porsche is not necessarily a. This is a very able to show their identity phone. The price of 1395 euros, this is nothing, can not afford to buy silk, this is the separation of silk and the identity of the people. People who can afford to buy this phone in China no less than 1 million. Participate in the conference, a group of people have expressed their intention to order this phone, or the first time. I don’t like fashion people also booked a, although I don’t have to, I believe someone will buy me.相关的主题文章: