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Listing 13 years is still selling! Will you choose a new or old car? Whenever there is a new car Sohu listed, will represent the old models of glorious retirement into the history museum. But I don’t know when to start, manufacturers in the launch of a new car, the old models tend to change the name of "classic", and then suddenly, and then the new models to seize the market. It feels like Lao Tzu clearly to the professor to retire, the son also inherited his father’s success, but will reduce the Lao Tzu can be worth fighting together with his son. As fans, we certainly hope that manufacturers can simultaneously upgrading, keep pace with the times, some of the old techniques and models in the new car should make way after the launch, rather than "more children a good fight"!. But if the consumer’s point of view, to the rational view of the old models, it seems to have them for some reason, after all, the old models of the price that consumers can use less price to get previously did not dare to expect models, which will undoubtedly become more real. "From generation to generation" who is broken head! To attract joint venture brands have joined the "arch-criminal generation generation" is our most "support" of the public. The Jetta after FAW Volkswagen launched the fourth generation Jetta, and renamed BORA, Bora, Jetta models had changed the square shape, become rounded and full of vitality, after the launch of rapid success. Fawkes followed, following the launch of new Fawkes will be renamed the Fawkes classic old models and lower prices, to seize the small car market at a low price. The old models of the old models of the market positioning is actually more in order to satisfy the different crowd demand for the vehicle, generally speaking, the new models will than the old one in the size of some changes, whether the vehicle length, width, or wheelbase increase to a certain extent. Mazda 6 is a good example of the new Tezi than Mazda six is the size is not a little horse, 6 at the time of the standard B class car wheelbase, now seems at best can only be A + level car wheelbase level, so the market positioning is from the original Mazda B car down with the compact car cash competition. New and old models have different market positioning on the one hand is to avoid price overlay, on the other hand is to avoid wasting resources. Because each type of development and promotion of the need for a huge investment, here, said the investment in two areas, including research and development of capital investment models and the establishment of the word of mouth reputation. With the old models to expand the product line, to snatch market segments than single undoubtedly introduced new models much more easily, the old models in the market for a longer time, accumulated more reputation, and ownership and market for consumers are more secure compared with cash much although "multigenerational" but the old models are not without any progress, take the mass of the evergreen tree. From 1991 to December, Jetta, Jetta has introduced more than 20 years, Jetta models almost every 2 years there will be a small change, this kind of change, change the appearance of change also has the power to replace from the beginning of the.相关的主题文章: