Lifan Marvell configuration upgrade type automatically enjoy listing 76 thousand and 800 (video)

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Lifan Marvell configuration to enhance automatic enjoy 76 thousand and 800 listed in September 2nd opening of the Chengdu auto show, the Lifan 7 seat SUV Marvell launched a high vehicle automatic – Automatic enjoy, car price 76 thousand and 800 yuan, than the cash share type automatic intelligence higher than the price of 3000 yuan, the two models of standard automatic driving recorder. Lifan Marvell official guide price models (million) 1.5L manual basic 5.781.5L manual comfort 6.281.5L manual elite 6.681.5L automatic enjoy intellectual type 7.381.5L automatic enjoy (New) 7.68 Marvell 1.5L 60 thousand yuan drive Lifan 7 SUV new type automatically enjoy consistent with other models in the design. The hexagonal grid design, intermediate with chrome bar decoration, on both sides of the headlight and grid connected lamp group also uses blue decoration. In the configuration, automatic enjoy with the LED daytime driving lights, keyless entry, reversing radar, reversing image, multi-function steering wheel and other practical features, but also a special configuration of the ESP intelligent vehicle networking system.相关的主题文章: