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Li Yifeng why have so many high quality fashion resources? The Sina entertainment column when we miss watermelon boiled in tears, while chop hands, while waiting for a long period of delivery, some people have been leading for several months, has not put on sale clothes, quietly saying "I go to the Restroom" sister up hundreds of thousands of…… This man is Li Yifeng. This is the story of "good looking people are not too bad.". Li Yifeng as the only Asian invited artists to participate in the first series of men’s big show Stella McCartney in London, and he was wearing and is on the show just released the most! New! Paragraph! (the gap between people ah), in January next year before the official sale…… Powerful, do not show off later, this dress just listed I will wear, and now it is the clothes I just released on the era. Stella McCartney used only in women’s series, the female star is a heap of toast, such as Rihanna in Gala through Met. The first time Liu Wen met was Stella McCartney. Gao Yuanyuan is also a loyal fan. This is Stella McCartney’s first men’s series conference, so invited guests look very picky, Li Yifeng students this time to the only Asian artist invited, is really a bit. His performance did not disappoint, clothes look better, and of course, confident designer photo. And Prince Orlando the spirit of the spirit of the chat, the performance is also natural and generous. But it’s the most important thing to look good. Well, when Li Yifeng wore Stella McCartney appeared, there have been countless girls going to let my boyfriend dressed like this (cough, of course…… You have to have one… Seriously, it will shine, even the clothes are the truth. Why are we waiting for a discount, he can put on clothes that have not yet started to sell? In fact, if the clothes have the idea, will certainly be willing to wear the clothes seriously, it. First, Li Yifeng should be regarded as one of the most popular male stars. He is not the kind of look at me, look at me, look at me, the high-profile style, after all, is the veteran, the election is a stable mix. But small fresh immediately touch many girls heart. The red carpet dress above are belong to the category of the PW, showed the real ability of the red carpet, Li Yifeng is also handy, adopted piecemeal. For example, every male star must have a suit of this pass, he put the Tom Ford dressed neatly straight, meticulous. Dior Homme for a small bow tie, and adorable. Wear Alexander McQueen casual suit also want to button the shirt carefully buttoned. He was also GUCCI of the Institute of wind through the school)相关的主题文章: