Li Keqiang to increase the made in China to meet the needs of the consumer to upgrade demand

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Li Keqiang: "China manufacturing" effective supply to meet consumer demand to upgrade new network – Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting of the deployment of promoting consumer standards and enhance the quality of "China manufacturing" effective supply to meet consumer demand to upgrade in August 24th, Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting, the deployment of the promotion of consumer product standards and quality, increase the "Chinese" effective supply to meet consumer demand to upgrade. The meeting pointed out that the leading consumer products to enhance the quality of the advanced standard, forced the upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry, is the implementation of the "2025 Chinese manufacturing", to promote the "China manufacturing" towards the end, the key to strengthening the industrial development foundation, an important starting point is to promote the supply side structural reform, can rely on the Chinese market play a huge advantage to expand effective demand, improve people’s quality of life of the multi effect. The meeting decided that, to the general consumer goods closely around the consumer demand, and people’s daily lives of food, household appliances, consumer electronics, decoration, clothing, cosmetics and daily chemicals, and the elderly and the disabled products, stationery and sports leisure products, give full play to the market mechanism and the role of enterprises, establish a government led the formulation of standards and market to develop new standards of collaborative development, coordinated and complete. One is closely linked to the quality and safety of consumer factors, accelerate the development of a number of mandatory national standards. Improve the level of domestic and international standards of consumer goods, and promote the realization of internal and external products with the same line with the same standard". Focus on the development of a number of consumer goods manufacturing based on the core components (components), critical infrastructure, key infrastructure and industrial technology in the field of urgent need for standards. To carry out scientific and technological achievements into the technical standards of the pilot, to promote scientific and technological innovation standards upgrade. The establishment of enterprise standard leader system, support social organizations, enterprises and industry development is better than the national standard. The two is to guide enterprises to enhance the quality, brand and marketing consciousness, promote entrepreneurship and artisan spirit, the implementation of Lean quality management, support enterprises to improve the quality of online monitoring, control and product lifecycle quality traceability, encourage large and medium-sized enterprises in the implementation of Chief Quality Officer system. Strengthen vocational education and skills training, the establishment of schools and enterprises "dual" technical personnel training mechanism, the introduction of the embodiment of the value of the mechanic salary, honor and other systems. To strengthen brand building, improve the visibility and reputation of Chinese consumer goods. Encourage social capital to set up a special fund for the quality and quality of consumer goods, and create a good social atmosphere of respect for technology and the pursuit of quality. Three is the innovation standards and quality supervision, the implementation of random inspection companies, random sampling products, random selection of testing institutions, accelerate the construction of cross sectoral, cross industry consumer goods quality information public service platform. Guide enterprises to declare their own products and services, and the implementation of the standard into the quality of credit records, increase social supervision. Establish inspection and certification bodies to bear joint and several liability for product quality. Four is the establishment of major consumer goods quality and safety traceability system, strengthen consumer rights protection, to promote the normalization of the recall of defective products, the establishment of quality and safety of consumer goods, the seller Xianhengpeifu, punitive damages liability insurance system.相关的主题文章: