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Let the children listen, only need five skills – Sohu maternal parents are busy every day to accompany the child’s time is not long out occasionally not much time to accompany the children and hope is pleasant and peaceful but in reality often parents do not understand, and even complain: talking to your child, he just did not hear as either ignored or light promise is not moving so that some impatient parents or is repeated over and over again or with a temper to how to do this? Is there a way to get the kids to work together without hurting his pride? Boa story: summed up a set of skills cited the famous American scientist Adele. A group of children’s comic Farber’s description of what you see, or problems with children when parents always speak unconsciously blame, commands, which can cause the child to preach the resistance, rebellion and conflict this mood, how can most willing to children? The benefits of using the description language is to avoid recriminations and complain to say and hear the people focus on "what to do" when parents described, children are easy to listen to what the problem is how to solve. No matter who is prompt to receive a reminder than accept censure easier when we give the children that they will know what to do. Of course, the "tip" is not difficult to remove the offensive words with simple words to say better than less children do not love preaching and a long and minute statement for them. The shorter the more easy to remember, the more effective with simple expressions instead of coercion also give children a chance to use their initiative to hold his first child to force the simple instructions. Say you feel the child did not we imagine so fragile to express their true feelings of parents have the ability to accept it, they are more willing to express their feelings and tell the kids what they can say to feel this way although the old note is the child most love the way they recognize whether the word above all look forward to note the younger children received a note they feel their parents’ attention will find the text on the sacred note and interesting older children feel like they received the message received a letter from a friend in the heart very happy to hear the true idea of True Parents Maybe some parents will ask: "we use these skills, the children will always listen to us?" Of course not, the child is not a robot.相关的主题文章: